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10 Best WordPress Plug-Ins for Your Blog

            Trying to start a blog can be incredibly difficult without the right tools or knowledge of where to go. There are sites out there that will streamline the entire process so that you don’t have to understand HTML coding in depth in order to create your own blog. 
WordPress has been one of the more popular websites for this purpose, as there are tons of ways you can customize it and the website has been around for years. 

There are so many different plug-ins for WordPress too, to make blogging even easier than ever! This list compiles what I believe to be the top ten most beneficial blogging plug-ins for WordPress, however there are a ton more out there on

1. Comment Reply Notification
This plugin is great because it encourages communication between your commenters. It adds a button near the submit comment button that, if selected, commenters on your blog can be notified of any replies to comments they’ve made. With any blog, it’s important to give readers an easy way to comment and discuss your various articles, and this makes it even easier for them to keep in contact with one another. 

A benefit of having commenters discuss your articles amongst themselves is that by reading their comments, you can tell what they like and dislike about your articles and why. The more commenters the better, and this plug-in will encourage readers to comment more often and that will give you more feedback and readers will feel a greater sense of community and connection.

2. Online Backup for WordPress
When doing any work on your computer or online, it’s important to ensure that you have backups available in case of emergencies. When blogging, it’s fairly easy to copy and paste the contents of an article and save it as a backup, however that takes so much time! It’s much quicker and easier to have a plug-in that can do the hard work for you with just the click of a mouse.

3. Wordfence Security
This one is definitely a must have plug-in for any WordPress blog. It gives you a way to protect your site from a variety of threats. This plug-in includes a firewall, a way to block IP addresses from accessing your blog, it scans for DNS changes, and does so much more. If you want a safer spot, this plug-in is definitely a good option for protecting your site and information on the site.

4. Related Posts
Related Posts is another really useful WordPress plug-in that’s incredibly convenient and helpful for any blogger. It allows your readers to see other posts that are similar to the one that they’re reading. This gives them more content to explore, helps give them access to newer posts that they’re likely to enjoy reading based on what they’ve read, and it gives your blog more views.

5. Akismet
Akismet is a plug-in that filters out comments and eliminates spam comments, which keeps your comment section clean and it has instant protection. Whenever a comment would get posted, it first runs through the Akismet web service and checks whether or not that comment is spam, and then is approves or disproves the comment based on that. The plug-in comes free with a WordPress account, so just go to plug-ins and add this one to your blog, and you’re set to go.

6. Wordpress SEO
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and this plug-in does just what it sounds like. As soon as you download it and install it onto your WordPress blog, and it increases your site’s visibility on different search engines such as Google. This leads to more views and more readers, and it’s an incredibly useful app for generating more page views.

7. Simple Pull Quote
Simple Pull Quote adds new and unique ways to make quotes stand out on you blog and in your posts. Download and install this plug-in, and your blog will look much more professional and interesting. It’s easy to use and is an effective tool to help maximize your blog’s views.

8. Shareaholic
Shareaholic is a great way for your readers to have an easier time sharing content from your blog onto different social media sites, which grants your blog greater visibility. This plug-in also helps with promoted content, monetization, social analytics, and affiliate linking among many other features and uses.

9. Thank Me Later
Thank Me Later is great for once your blog gets larger! It allows you to write thank you emails to commenters, and then you can choose a time for the email to send. This allows you to write the email whenever you have the time, and it will send after the amount of time of your choice passes. This allows the email to send late enough that the email doesn’t seem automated, which allows you to connect better with your readers and can potentially bring many readers back over and over again.

10. Ebyline Payments
Ebyline Payments is the last plug-in on this list, but certainly not the least. This plug-in allows an easy way to pay those who contributed to your blog. This used to be a hassle on Wordpress before this plug-in, so it’s definitely something helpful to use for your blog!

WordPress Plug-Ins Make Blogging Easier Than Ever
WordPress on its own is a good platform for bloggers of all kinds, but without plug-ins your blog won’t have all that much that separates it from the other blogs out there. This list included some plug-ins for functionality, some for appearance, and some that help everyone reading your blog communicate with each other and with you. All of them can help your blog stand out from all the others, and improve your blog’s look and appearance.

However, you should also consider your blog’s security. Hackers will try to access your site and sue the data for their own nefarious purposes. The best tool for securing your blog is a VPN, or Virtual Private Network. A VPN will encrypt all the data going in and out of your devices, protecting you from said hackers as well as malware, and anyone just trying to spy on your activity. VPNs are an inexpensive solution to give you peace of mind that all the hard work you’ve done on your blog will stay safe.

Author Bio:
This guest post was contributed by Cassie on behalf of Secure Thoughts, one of the best possible online sources for information regarding internet security.


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