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Content marketing strategy guidelines for your business

Whether you are a business trying to sell a product or an idea, or you are a content marketing team looking for some genuine advice, you will find it all here. Take a step-by-step look at what your content-marketing campaign should have, and have a peek at the problems you should avoid.

The Biggest Problems That Content Marketers Face

Let’s start with the problems that content marketers face, so that we may remove a few of the most common articles before beginning the strategy.

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8 Places To Find Expert Writers For Your Blog

We know that content is important for various things, starting with website promotion and ending with building up a loyal audience. However, no matter what your final goal is, there’s only one way to achieve it – you have to fill your website or blog with high-quality content constantly.
8 Places To Find Expert Writers For Your Blog

In order to do so, you have to find the right writers for your blog. Doing this can be a real challenge: after all, you probably wouldn’t want to entrust your blog to a person, who has no clear understanding of SEO, doesn’t know how to write for your target audience and how to make the content not only useful but also very interesting to read. No, you most likely want to hire the best or at least the strongest writers – and that’s an easy thing to do once you know where to look for them.

10 Best WordPress Plug-Ins for Your Blog

            Trying to start a blog can be incredibly difficult without the right tools or knowledge of where to go. There are sites out there that will streamline the entire process so that you don’t have to understand HTML coding in depth in order to create your own blog. 
WordPress has been one of the more popular websites for this purpose, as there are tons of ways you can customize it and the website has been around for years. 

There are so many different plug-ins for WordPress too, to make blogging even easier than ever! This list compiles what I believe to be the top ten most beneficial blogging plug-ins for WordPress, however there are a ton more out there on

Making Use of Search Engine Optimization to Grow Your Business

Venturing a business involves a long series of complexities that you need to deal with. It takes a whole lot of challenges and you need to be careful with every detail and every step of the way. Every businessperson wants nothing but the best for his business. 

That’s why many entrepreneurs have broadened their business horizons and expanded their scope in the digital world. Online businesses certainly have greater potential than those with no online presence. However, having a website or being active entrepreneurially online is not the mere element of digital marketing success.

8 Top Social Learning Tools for Training Programs

Social learning is taking education and training programs by storm. Social media has been introduced into online training courses as a way to increase student engagement and incorporate informal learning (which is estimated to account for about 70 to 80 percent of workplace learning) into formal training programs.

Top 5 Websites for Buying Books Online in india

Globalization – It is the best term for online buyers, why so called globalization? Yeah!!! We have a sweet reason to define it here. Since, E-Commerce business is boomed in India as well as other countries. The marketers, writers, book printer and book seller all get together started selling books online globally.

Why people prefer jobs in Banking industry

A person always wants to make their career in a successful industry so that the chances for their growth will definitely be higher. People will take as many steps to make their entry to those kinds of fields. Hence banking sector is one field where the employment opportunities are very high and also it is a one major sector which is provided with a good salary structure to their employees. 

Besides all these factors, the one major fact that yields the interests of the people towards this sector is the sustainability of the industry over the past decades and the stability in the growth factor of the employees working in these sectors.

10 most exclusive Blog post sharing locations

With the advent of smart CMS (Content Management System) tools like the Wordpress, writing and posting Blogs has become very easy. Even my mum will know how to do it; it’s no more a rocket science. But take a while to imagine the entire space of the internet, which is almost like a universe and your blog as just a tiny dot in it. You could compare your blog with a distant, small and insignificant planet existing in a universe like internet. What do you think are the chances that someone will notice your blog or land on it by chance or accident? I guess not even 1 in a billion. After all we haven’t managed to find aliens either. Keeping jokes apart, it can be easily inferred that writing a blog is one thing and getting it noticed is another.

5 ways to boost your self-confidence and to stay in control in difficult situations

Do you sometimes feel that you are losing it? When under stress and turmoil all you can look up is of failing and then it leads to subsequent failure and despair. You probably need to breathe easy and calm down. Yes, we cannot control every situation in our life but with a certain amount of essential skills from our side; we can easily calm down and view life form a better perspective. These are not regular time consuming exercises. Some of them are just little lifestyle changes that won’t take you the slightest of efforts.

Bonuses of working from home

It is a job type that has often been the subject of negative stigmas. “Work from home” types have been cast in the past as lazy and ineffective. But now that the internet has allowed for a “virtual presence” in an office to be nearly as good as the real thing, those stigmas are disappearing.

Now, work from home jobs are becoming more commonplace. You may one day be offered one! So what are some of the benefits that come with the role? Here are some obvious ones, and ones you may not have considered before:

Top 5 Tools to Convert HTML to PDF

Html file to pdf conversion is a rather daunting task for most people. Although, html is considered to be the most user-friendly and easy to learn language while constructing web pages, it indeed has some limitations when it comes to viewing, editing, reviewing and printing of documents while being offline. Apparently manual conversion is not the solution to this problem, as it lacked the capability of undertaking bulk conversions. Furthermore, manual conversion is simply not a viable option for the purpose of reviewing of documents. It fails short of some expert tools that facilitate not only efficient but also user-centric conversion. 

Year of Selfies – Are Smartphones Taking Over Prestigious Camera Industry?

If you’re using social media, you are now probably seeing a feed full of selfies. It is inevitable with how easy taking photos of yourself today is! And the main tool that made it all oh-so-convenient? No other than the smartphone.
group selfie

 The advent of smartphones has brought self-portraits to new heights. Anyone who has a camera phone can snap a photo wherever, whenever. Furthermore, you would only need an internet connection to share your pictures to the world.

With the massive popularity of these phones, are compact cameras, DSLR units, and the likes taking the back seat?

Comparison of Sales

We could base the so-called domination of smartphones over the camera industry on the latter’s continuing decline in sales.

For instance, DSLR shipments declined in recent years (8.2 percent in 2012 and 2013, 22.3 percent in 2014). Compact cameras have also experienced a decline.

Amid all these, smartphones continue to enjoy higher sales. In fact, 98.4% of consumer cameras produced and sold in 2016 were built into smartphones. In comparison, compacts only make up 0.8% of the total sales. The Camera & Imaging Products Association or CIPA data also shows DSLR taking 0.5% of the sales and mirrorless cameras 0.2%.

Of course, the massive production of camera phones is a direct answer to the number of consumers willing to buy them. Based on sales, we could say that the smartphone is truly in-demand.

Use for Selfies

selfie stick cartoonThe word “selfie” was coined in the early 2000s, thanks to the surge of self-portraits captured by smartphones. Cameras began as something built into the back of the phone, hence, the proliferation of mirror selfies.

 As self-taken pictures dominate online postings, smartphone manufacturers have also produced units with front cameras. The promise of a more decent selfie and the convenience of taking it further boosted sales.

Compared to a traditional camera, it is more practical and more convenient to capture your own face using a smartphone.

Instant Gratification

Another thing that made camera phones a hit to consumers is the instant gratification. After shooting, you could browse the pictures, choosing what to keep and deleting others. You don’t need to plug it into your laptop to see the results like what you usually do with a DSLR.

Furthermore, you may share selected photos online instantly (as long as you’re connected to the internet). DSLR manufacturers, in contrast, are just beginning to tap into smart technologies to achieve the same convenience.


Smartphones are integral to users who love taking selfies. To compensate for its necessity in the modern age, manufacturers sell most camera phones at affordable prices.

For instance, there are 13mp camera phones that are sold under $1,000 as listed by Smart Techie. Also, smartphones with higher megapixels and more camera features continue to dominate the market because of their cheap prices.

Some of the best in the US include the Blu R1 Plus, Moto G5, Moto G4, iPhone 5s, ZTE Max XL, Honor 5X, Sony Xperia XA Ultra, Moto G4 Plus, Nextbit Robin, HTC One A9, Asus Zenfone 2, and Microsoft Lumia 650. All these phones won’t cost more than $500.You can check out some best selfie smartphones to buy with hefty discount here on or

Smartphones or DSLRs?

The latest upgrade from iPhone (a camera phone that has a telephoto lens and a standard wide angle lens) has fueled debates on whether the DSLR is still of any value. Consumers might then ask, what should I buy?

Apparently, there is no fool-proof answer to that. What you want to buy depends entirely on what you want to do with your camera.

Say you are more into posting selfies and food photos on Instagram. You don’t need a high-end camera for that. A decent smartphone is enough to produce satisfying results.

But if you’re aiming to become a pro and dreaming of producing large prints, you’d have to invest in high-end cameras. Convenient as it may, no smartphone or iPhone can produce quality photos like DSLRs. Photos from a handset might look striking online, but they would be unimpressive if produced for frames and exhibits.

Smartphones Taking Over The Camera Industry?

The smartphone would continue to dominate the consumer market. But does that mean that DSLRs would eventually fall into oblivion?

man taking selfie retro cartoon

 Fortunately, DSLRs would be here to stay. Only, these cameras would be part of the niche market. Thus, their sales would probably go lower. Still, as long as there are professional photographers, the bulky units would endure.

As for the consumer who rides on the wave of the selfie revolution, the smartphone is a perfect choice!

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