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GetResponse Vs iContact Vs Constant contact : A Detailed Comparison Guide

We are now living in 21st century, the era of competition. Everyone is trying to stand out. Similarly there are hundreds of email marketing tools available out there. Offering different features and services to stand out and to get popular among their users. GetResponse, iContact and Constant Contact are considered as three best email marketing tools across the world.
GetResponse Vs iContact Vs Constant contact : A Detailed Comparison Guide
Are you are thinking of joining one of these services, right? If you are looking for a reliable service that can make your online campaign a complete success then keep reading till the end. I will be discussing pricing plans, free trials, pros and cons of GetResponse, iContact and Constant Contact. Have a look on them and let’s decide who the winner is.

Most Popular Brand
If popularity is dependent on the number of consumers using an email marketing tool. Then iContact is on the top of the list with 700,000 customers all across the globe. I know it’s amazing. The second position in popularity is occupied by Constant Contact with round about 600,000 customers across the world. GetResponse is on number 3 with 350,000 customers and is providing its services in 180 countries. But GetResponse has an edge over iContact and Constant Contact when we talk about languages supported by email marketing tool. GetResponse supports 14 different languages. But of course the number of customers using email marketing services tells there is something in it that the reason, users are stick to it. Talking about popularity iContact is little more popular. So yes iContact is winner here. But GetResponse is better on other features. Keep reading!!
Major Differences In These Email Marketing Tools
GetResponse has a large variety of templates available for the customers' use. It will be providing you 500 plus customizable templates. You can add audio, video and images to your emails too. Moreover GetResponse enables you to edit your templates by using simple drag and drop editor. You can save the template for later use too.
Below you can see some templates design from GetResponse.
GetResponse templates
iContact also has the variety of templates i.e. 600 and plus email templates. Like GetResponse, you can use drag and drop editor to customize templates according to your own choice. You need to be very careful while using this editor. Simple mistake can spoil your email template completely.
Well! Talking about Constant Contact, it also has 100 templates for its users along with the editor. But when we compare it with GetResponse and iContact, the number of templates is quite less.
icontact templates

iContact has clear win, when we talk about email templates. Because its templates are much more up to date and attractive. And surely it helps you to increase the reach of your online campaign.
Here are some templates from iContact.
icontact for email marketing

Deliverability Rate
Deliverability rate is the feature that tells you about the success of any online campaign. GetResponse is the email marketing tool with highest deliverability rate i.e. 99%. It means that 99 percent of your emails are successfully reached to inbox of your subscribers. Constant Contact and iContact both have deliverability rate of 98% approximately. So GetResponse iswinner when we compare it on the basis of deliverability rate. But the other two are not that bad.
Auto Respondents
GetResponse has Auto responder 2.0 that enables you to send event and time based emails. This feature helps you to stay connected with your subscribers all the time. Constant Contact and iContact also have the feature of auto responder but not that improved like GetResponse. Moreover GetResponse also has time travel feature. This feature enables you to send emails according to the subscriber location. GetResponse clearly has an edge over iContact and Constant Contact when we compare them on the basis of auto responder.
Email Tracking Tools
If you are looking for email tracking and marketing tool then you can go for any of these three. GetResponse, Constant Contact and iContact provides email tracking tools that help you to analyze your online campaign accurately. But GetResponse has an edge over both of them because it provides you high quality and more deep tools. GetResponse's tracking tool enables you to analyze, which message has received best response and also you can also check the statistics generated on social media websites like facebook, twitter and linkedIn etc. GetResponse also has social media integration and provides you sign up form for social media websites.
Customer Support
Well email marketing services required minimum customer support. But of course if you encounter some kind of technical issue, you are supposed to contact customer services as soon as possible. GetResponse, iContact and Constant contact all have satisfactory customer support services. GetResponse provides you customer service 5 days a week from Monday to Thursday from 9 am – 5pm. It has email support, online support and live chat support. Moreover you can visit the website of GetResponse, Constant contact and iContact 24/7 and can have guidelines from the websites.
Pricing War
Alright! Pricing is no doubt an important thing to consider. GetResponse has some decent pricing plans for its customers. Their pricing plans starts from $15 and you can send unlimited number of emails to 1000 subscribers. It also has yearly plan that give you a discount of 18%. 
GetResponse Vs iContact Vs Constant contact price comparison

The pricing plan of iContact starts from $10 per month and allows sending emails to 250 subscribers. It has different pricing plans dependent on number of subscribers.

Talking about Constant Contact, its pricing plan also starts $15 and but it allows you to send emails to upto 500 subscribers.
When we compare these three email marketing tools on the basis of pricing then we see that GetResponse is a clear winner. 

Free Trials

Trust me or not free trial attracts users towards any email marketing service. Constant Contact, iContact and GetResponse they all offer free trial to their customers.
GetResponse offers a free trial of 30 days without demanding any credit card details. You can later on sign up for monthly plan.
Constant Contact gives you free trial for 60 days but some of its features are paid only.
In comparison to that iContact also gives a free trial of 30 days to its users.
So their is a tie when we talk about free trial but still GetResponse can be marked as winner because their free plan is fully free, that means they give access to all its features and don't have any paid only feature in their free plan.
PROS & CONS - GetResponse
GetResponse Vs iContact Vs Constant contact pro's and con's


      GetResponse got excellent reputation on social media websites like facebook and twitter etc.
      Enables you to create impressive email designing or you can use 500 built in templates. Moreover GetResponse also has 1000 stock images.
      Enables you to create your own landing page. Landing page also has round about 100 templates to select from.
      Auto responder 2.0, that enables you to send event and time based emails.
      99% deliverability rate.
      Inbox preview feature enables you to see how the email will look in inbox of your subscribers.
      Advance tracking and reporting tools.
      Better split testing.
      30 days free trial.
      Perfect pricing plans.
      Phone support is not available 24/7.
      Strict spam policies.
      Interface has some annoying features.

PROS & CONS - iContact

      iContact offers you 600 plus customizable email templates. It enables you to choose different layouts and columns ( one column, two column, multiple column).
      You can send unlimited number of emails to particular subscribers depending upon the pricing plan you are using.
      Message builder enables you to create message by simple drag and drop option.
      Sign up forms for web pages and social media websites like face book.
      Email tracking and reporting tool.
      Ability to publish your archive email on blogs.
      Auto responder enables you to send event and time based emails.
      Spam policies that minimize the chances of error.
      Free trial for 30 days.
      Decent pricing plans.
      Customer support is limited. 5 days a week Monday to Friday from 4am – 10 pm.
      You need to contact customer support if you want to subscribe a plan for 15,000 subscribers.
constant contact email marketing
PROS & CONS - Constant Contact: 

      Constant contact is quite popular and its services are used by 600,000 users across the globe.
      98% deliverability rate. That makes sure, 98% of your emails are successfully presented in the inbox of your subscribers.
      Auto responder.
      It enables you to send surveys, registration forms, coupons, collection of donations, promotional emails and much more services.
      Good reputation of social websites that grabs users towards this email marketing tool.
      30% discount on yearly package.
      Free trail for 60 days.
      Email tracking option.
      You need to call billing department in case you want to cancel your plan.
I will suggest you one thing that; do not go for any email marketing tool until you are confident enough that you are able to design online campaign. Out of the three tools discussed above, GetResponse is awinner in my point of you. GetResponse is an affordable and suitable email marketing service for serious business groups and for beginners also.
You can sit quietly, read the above comparison in detail again and again. And then make your own decision that which email marketing tool has best services and is suitable for your campaign.


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