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Bonuses of working from home

It is a job type that has often been the subject of negative stigmas. “Work from home” types have been cast in the past as lazy and ineffective. But now that the internet has allowed for a “virtual presence” in an office to be nearly as good as the real thing, those stigmas are disappearing.

Now, work from home jobs are becoming more commonplace. You may one day be offered one! So what are some of the benefits that come with the role? Here are some obvious ones, and ones you may not have considered before:

Dictate your own schedule

The number one benefit of working from home is having more control over your daily routine. Now, there is a chance that your company will dictate certain aspects, such as times you need to be “active”, etc., but the fine details are down to you. As you have no commute, you may decide to stay in bed a little longer, making you more rested than you may otherwise have been.

You may have enough autonomy to dictate what tasks you undertake at different points of the day too. Say you are a morning person - you can choose to tackle the harder tasks then, moving on to the more tedious work in the afternoon. If you have no set schedule at all, you can completely customise your day, breaking it up into blocks. But you have to make sure you stick to some kind of schedule, as you may start lapsing into laziness if you don’t incorporate some kind of structure. 

Closer to Home

If you do successfully incorporate and stick to a schedule, you will hopefully have set aside a “work area”. This doesn’t have to be an office, but it should be somewhere in the house dedicated entirely to work. It should be separate from everything else, otherwise you are again leaving yourself opportunities to lax into laziness.

Doing so will mean when you finish work, you can enjoy being at home properly. If you blur the lines between work and home life, you won’t be able to enjoy that “going home” feeling. It’s just as potent if you work at home as it is if you work in an office! It may be even better, as there is no commute! This also mean, in an emergency, you are already home, not miles away.IT may never come into play, but having the reassurance is great.

Away from the Office

There are a tonne of little things you get to avoid if you choose to work from home. Chief among which, you’ll have some distance between you and “office politics”. We’ve all seen petty arguments spiral out of control. With the distance, you should be kept away from these things (though they will still affect you in some ways if you are in email correspondence constantly).

The “distance” also gives you something of an outside perspective on matters. If you have worked on something for weeks, you develop something of a skewed perspective on it. You may become blind to some of it’s shortcomings. Since you are now divorced from some matters, you can bring a less bias viewpoint to a project your colleagues have been working on. This can be a great thing for both parties, and could lead to unforeseen improvements.

And finally, there is the elephant in the room, that people may not want to admit to looking forward to. Offices are filled with a wide variety of personality types, some of which you are bound to get along with less than others. Working from home means you limit your contact time with these people. In short - you don’t have to be around people you don’t like all the time!

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