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Top 5 Tools to Convert HTML to PDF

Html file to pdf conversion is a rather daunting task for most people. Although, html is considered to be the most user-friendly and easy to learn language while constructing web pages, it indeed has some limitations when it comes to viewing, editing, reviewing and printing of documents while being offline. Apparently manual conversion is not the solution to this problem, as it lacked the capability of undertaking bulk conversions. Furthermore, manual conversion is simply not a viable option for the purpose of reviewing of documents. It fails short of some expert tools that facilitate not only efficient but also user-centric conversion. 

Html file to pdf converter is an easy tool that aids easy and bulk html to pdf conversion. It comes equipped with several tools that make conversion an easy procedure. This converter poses no complications to the user, and all its functions can be navigated in an easy manner even by a novice. So if you need to convert html files to pdf format, mentioned below are some popular html to pdf converters that can help you through. Take a look at them. 

5 Popular Tools to Convert HTML to PDF

1. PDFonFly

This converter is ideal for any live web page conversion to pdf format. This converter supports a number of formats and is ideally suited for bulk conversions. The user can also put the link of any web page, and convert the entire internet file into pdf format. This converter is highly easy to use and offers a rather simple and intuitive conversion procedure. It also supports both static and dynamic pages in html that further add to its functionality. 

2. PDFCrowd

This converter is relatively easy to use and is deemed suitable for conversions that do not carry many complications. This converter involves a simple procedure, and takes the link to convert any web page to pdf file format. The converted pdf file is automatically downloaded to your system. Along with html file to pdf conversion, this converter also offers some browser add-ons that provide you an enriched pdf conversion. 

3. Total HTML Converter

Using Total HTML converter, you can choose to convert html files to pdf format, either using the link or with batches of html format documents. This converter also comes in a preview where you can check what will be the appearance of file after it is converted to html file format. Total HTML converter can convert files right from the desktop. This converter is simply remarkable for first time users. 

4. Click to Convert

Click to convert is another flexible and easy to use html file to pdf converter that is capable of delivering quality conversions. This converter is rather faster and facilitates easy conversion. For batch conversions, it offers its users with a drag and drop feature that provides the user with a quick and efficient conversion. This converter also allows the user to view html files from any platform on the web browsers. 

5. ExpertPDF

ExpertPDF is one such converter that encompasses in itself all the required tools that lead to an augmented and a rather effectual pdf conversion. You can set headers and footers on the converted pdf document using this converter. You can even hide elements of the converted document that you don’t want to be visible. Moreover, this converter also allows you to encrypt converted documents to prevent them from getting accessed from any unauthorized personnel. ExperPDF is a converter that incorporates all the tools that are highly necessary in professional conversion of html files to pdf documents. 

All these converters are ideally suited for converting html to pdf documents. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose any of these to start converting desired html files to pdf documents.
Courtesy : Akanksha Mishra

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