Monday, April 11, 2011

Inside Sun Labs: Exploring the Future of Computing

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Innovation has always driven Sun's success in the marketplace. So what drives Sun's innovation?

Sun Microsystems Laboratories (Sun Labs) is an engine of invention and exploration that has helped keep Sun at the forefront of network computing for more than 15 years. A cornerstone of Sun's multibillion-dollar R&D investment, Sun Labs has developed many of the technologies that have shaped Sun's product portfolio and reputation for thought leadership — including Java technology, UltraSPARC processors, Sun Cluster high-availability software, elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), Netra carrier-grade servers — the list goes on.

But Sun Labs focuses on exploring the future of computing, not looking back at past accomplishments. To wrap up the old year and ring in the next, Sun Inner Circle decided to peer into the future of computing by examining some of the current projects under way at Sun Labs. Sun Inner Circle invited Dr. Robert Sproull, who took over as head of the labs in March 2006, to give us some insight into what's happening at Sun Labs today — and a sneak preview of the new ideas and directions the labs may explore in 20011.
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