Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BlackBerry Wraparound Display Phone

This BlackBerry concept smartphone includes a wraparound display which allows users to call and send texts on one side of the phone and play games and take photos on the other side.


Submitted by BlackBerry fan (and Industrial Designer w/ an MBA) John Anastasiadis, John's BlackBerry Concept is absolutely stunning. 
Here are the key specs/aspects of the phone as John sees them:
  • Wrap around screen. This allows you to incorporate soft-keys on the underside for gaming, navigation, etc.
  • The asymmetrical shape allows you to know the orientation of the phone (while holding) without having to look at it.
  • There is one hard button that serves multiple functions (screen lock, picture taking, etc.)
  • The phone has some artificial intelligence that can predict if you intended a command. For example, sometimes while using an iPhone it will slip out of my hand, causing me to grab for it any which way I can, thus hitting all sorts of buttons on the screen.
  • The front and back cameras are behind the screen. The screen will illuminate to act as the flash.
 my hats off to the amazing designer:):)


whome2249 said...

The BlackBerry Wraparound Display Phone is a game-changer in the world of smartphones, seamlessly merging innovation with functionality. Its unique wraparound screen not only enhances the visual experience but also provides a refreshing take on design. Navigating through apps and content feels intuitive, offering a dynamic and immersive interaction. The device's commitment to productivity shines through, staying true to BlackBerry's legacy, while the wraparound display adds a touch of modernity. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, making it a joy to use on a daily basis. This phone not only meets but exceeds expectations, showcasing BlackBerry's ability to adapt and lead in the ever-evolving tech landscape. In a market saturated with similar offerings, the Wraparound Display Phone stands out as a testament to innovation and a nod to the brand's enduring relevance.

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