Monday, July 23, 2012

51 effective seo tips

here comes the most effective seo tips on the web for you to apply and make your website crawl over the web like a boom.i too have applied them to get large traffic from all around the world.
go ahead ,read ,apply and enjoy.

1.Content is the main player, consistent content.

2.A few quality links can weigh much more than a lot of non related low quality ones.

 3.Make tables make sense. write content, row by row as: Queen Elizabeth was born in 1533 and died in 1603. Fancy CSS will tabulate that if you let it!

 4.Adjust your game-plan based upon your market sector - every sector requires a different strategy so don't think what worked for selling widgets will work for philsophy. Stop bots from indexing pages which you don't want in the index, especially dynamic sections which have no relevance to the SERPs. 

5 And my second tip is similar, but more localized - use a solid semantic structure for your page. That makes the algorithm's job a whole lot easier.

6 Use a sound Information Architecture for your entire website. This includes, but is not limited to, choosing menu labels that make keyword sense (without stuffing) and also are no-bariner intuitive for your visitor. 

7 Eliminate or make less prominent all links to fluff pages (like member profiles).

8 Link to your less tasty pages from the site map. 

9 Create a site map. 

10. Create content that a dot edu, gov, or .us will find useful to link to. Kind of like social engineering, where you look at the behavior then tailor your response/approach to appeal and fit in with that behavior. In this case you're looking at what the pages are linking to and create pages to match that profile. 

11Build everything you want indexed so that it works perfectly with javascript, flash, java, activex and css disabled. 

12. Check regularly for dead links or old links that are redirecting to something else. Update or delete as appropriate. You won't get SEO brownie points for relevant outbound links unless they're working!
13 include keyword in title pages.
 14 attractive title pages .

 15 Make sure whatever you're trying to sell/promote/accomplish is user friendly and your call to actions are clear and easy to find on the pages that your users land on.

 16.try and make your code as lean as possible, compared to the actual content. offload all your affiliate 17links and ads to external javascript, so they don't clutter up the code. most of them don't work with javascript turned off anyway, so it doesn't matter. get rid of all the <br>'s, and other useless tags. you can do all that presentational stuff with CSS.

18.everyday fresh content 

19 .Efficient SE-friendly navigation.

20. Plan the site architecture using a rational naming hierarchy so that the folders make sense and are meaningful when seen in the SERPs. 

21. Plan the site so it can easily change web technology 
22. Plan the site so it is scalable 

23  Link out to quality external sites where appropriate

24. Become a supporter. Access to much more specific and fine tuning information there than any book you could ever read or any list of tips could cover.

25. add unique description meta tag for every page 

26. While you want to have keywords in your URL (and domain if possible), longer URLs tend to look more spammy to both customers and search engines. However, this isn't a serious issue, and if you need to have 11 or 15 words in your URL, it shouldn't be a problem, as long as you aren't doing it all the time.

27. be regular! write at-least 10 topics every week.

28. write creative and effective content.

29.Search engines understand CSS and font and background colors. They also recognize that a font-size of 1px is not going to be readable. Text that is hidden from your readers but visible to search engines is considered spam and will get your site dont hide text.

30.In general, spiders tend to prefer static URLs to dynamic ones. It is possible to rank high with a dynamic URL, but it's easier if you redirect dynamic URLs to shorter, static try to avoid dynamic urls.

31.Start promoting your website by creating QUALITY backlinks. Quality is very important. What is a quality backlink? Search engines can recognize quality link when they see one.

32.Quality link usually sits on the page that has relevant content to your web page (to the page it is pointing to). The website that the link has been placed on is already trusted by major search engines. This type of a link is not sitting somewhere in the footer of the page but rather in the best possible and very visible location within the main content.

33.Registration of the domain name for 10 years tells Google that you are really serious about your business or your website.

34.Sticky content means that user will keep on returning to your website. It also means that if the user has found your website in the search results and decided to enter your site.

35.You should have clearly defined goals for your SEO efforts, and you’ll need web analytics software in place so you can track what’s working and what’s not.find a effective seo sofware.

36.Optimize your site to catch local traffic by showing your address and local phone number prominently. Submit your site to the free local listings services that the major search engines offer.

37.Sign up for Google Webmaster CentralBing Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer to learn more about how the search engines see your site, including how many inbound links they’re aware of. take the advantage of search engine tools

38.See your website as seen by the crawler of bing (Bingbot).

39.Google may bring you 70% of your traffic today, but what if the next big algorithm update hits you hard? What if your Google visibility goes away tomorrow? Newsletters and other subscriber-based content can help you hold on to traffic/customers no matter what the search engines do.  using social media and local search, etc.—will help you grow an audience of loyal prospects and customers that may help you survive the whims of search engines. so the thing is you must magnify your traffic sources by indexing your site to various directories

40. write honest and constructive reviews of anything you like.

41. leave comments on other sites with your sites reference,it attracts more traffic

42. use stumble upon,it is highly effective tool to drive quality traffic

43. heavy Penalty applied for lack of stick content sometimes is referred to as "-30 Penalty "

44. make face-book pages,use face-book plugins for your sites.

45. write sponsored reviews to increase the traffic and your page rank.

46. make html apps for your site content in blackberry app generator, ovi app wizard etc

47. add meta tags and a short description of your site .

48.Today nothing is written in stone, although large dominate a market does not mean your little page can not gain an advantage, the key is starting small, look for niches where the big are not as strong and strengthen our presence through them.
49. SEO isn’t a one-time event. Search engine algorithms change regularly, so the tactics that worked last year may not work this year. SEO requires a long-term outlook and commitment. so be committed to it and you will definitely see the positive results.

50.SEO isn’t about instant gratification. Results often take months to see, and this is especially true the smaller you are, and the newer you are to doing business online. so try to be patient to see the effective results

51.Remember, when you go to search for something in any Search Engine , title contents is the first thing you read. So apart for creating search engine friendly title, remember it has to be also attractive and eye catchy.

Instead of creating a great site that contains all the sections, try creating different domains for each section, which monitors more successful and potentially up to gain strength and can assist the other sections. It’s a vicious circle that eventually you will grow exponentially if you do well.

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