Saturday, July 28, 2012

earning in 6 figures via youtube

hi friends here comes exclusive and simple ways for you to earn a handsome six figure income from world wide popular video streaming site youtube just by showing your crazy,funny ,crap ,comedy or any other stuff that goes viral in the form of videos to the millions of pastime surfers which give you handsome paychecks to spend your holidays in luxury paradises and royal hotels.

so come on, get inspired to earn in millions from youtube videos just by following the simple yet effective steps on your videos.

first thing you need to careful about is ,must give a catchy and relevant title to your video .doing this attracts many users to click instantly on your video if they find relavent title toyour video.

secondly you need to focus on a catchy thumb image,if the video provides a relavent and crazy image then its fine. if you are not satisfied by the image just go to setting and change the image thumb this will increase your views 10 times .

next you need to focus on getting more subscribers ,because more the number of subscribers more will be the view count each day,thus increasing your daily adsense earnings.
the subscribers will get your video directlty when you publish .so they will on ease to view your videos regulary .

you should also upload the genuine,interesting and crazy  content to build the intrest of visitors in your videos.

you can also share your videos on social media sites to increse its popularity to get more views each can go for facebook,twitter,stumbleupon,myspace etc.

in the descrption of your videos and on the side of the videoplayers give the links to your others videos.this helps to get more random visitors thus incresing your dailty cpm and ctr,making you earn more each day.

so follow the steps and guidelines given above and earn in millions.
 just in few months you will be able to see your daily youtube income incresing rapidly.

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