Saturday, August 4, 2012

usb AA batteries for gadget charging

here comes the latest development by chinese people,a double aa size batteries that will charge your any gadget including your smartphones with its usb port.
oh! it seems to be a blessing in desguise,in this current fast moving world with the avide gadgets users ,batteries seems to be draining fast,so you could carry these batteries with you and get relaxed at your journey to get your smartphones running all the time.

 it seems to a amazing concept by the chinese developers.these batteries features usb port for charging all your portable gadgets.they will be soon comming to markets for retail sale at a very nominal prices.

hats off to the chinese developers,for such a useful and efficent designing !
it a must for techno greeky to carry these batteries all time,to get his gadgats going all the time with him,hand to hand.

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