Saturday, May 25, 2013

iphone 7 patent leaked

finally their comes a buzz in the town about the latest smartphone patent that apple has filled in 2011.

according to the patent it reveals the some incredible and magnificent features which could change the world of smartphones giving it a new start as it features a bendable oled screen to fit in your pocket.
leaving all its rival firms far behind in the world of smartphones.

basically the patent described the device similar to an iPhone, but instead of being rectangular and brick-like, the visual shows that the sides actually rounded so that the front simply curves around to the back and vice versa. The tops and bottoms still remain flat.

The reason for the rounded sides is that the device will sport a flexible AMOLED display, which can be folded up, inserted into the chassis, and then unfolded so that it wraps around from the front to the back and around to the front again. This design would give the device a seamless display.

 Only the question arises that which iphone it could 6 or 7 ,so lets wait to get the truth revealed very soon in the coming years by apple.
get yourself ready to go hands on this upcoming remarkable future gadget from apple which could revolutionize the word smartphone in itself .
moreover apple iphone 7 is releasing very soon on its release date ,to know more about it checkout apple iphone updates because iphone 7 features and iphone 7 specs are going to be awesome 

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