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Nvidia Shield review

Nvida’s Shield-A Gamers Pride

With the full year packed off,tons of dedicated android based gaming devices/consoles  from various companies to give a hard core gamer what he wants their comes a another one  Nvida’s Shield from nvidia which seems to be most intriguing and interesting of all.the most of all ,its much anticipated feature for which it would be sort after by some hard core gamers is that it can stream your all high end games from your pc to the console for playing it on the handy shield  on your bed and ditching your desktop pc's.oh! yes ,if you own a shield ,you are no more required to be shitting on your high end desktop/laptop for a good gaming experience ,the shield brings out for you the same as its in your pc. 

The handheld Jelly Bean based gaming console boasts a unique and aesthetic design, with a flip-up 5-inch retinal display screen that reveals a traditionally-styled game controller similar to the Xbox 360’s/ps4 etc.
So With direct streaming from Steam and the users own PC, Shield brings high-powered, top-notch games to a uniquely designed, handheld Android device making it a gamers pride .

taking its hardware specs into consideration,if features a tegra 4 cpu which gives its user a seamless multitasking experience and the mighty power to just play and power packed graphic intensive games with its highly optimised game pad buttons for easy handling a good gaming experience.
it weighs just about 1.5 pounds which is much more heavier  than its current rival the sony playstore vita ,but the gaming experience you get on it makes it worth the buy .thier's a positive side to boast for its weight and its steady body design with rubberised outer body makes it good for watching media on it ,as you can keep it on your laps/table for watching movies etc.
also its hd 5-inch (1280 x 720) IPS screen gives a good viewing angle when kept at a distance making your movie a worth while with its mighty loud speakers to reckoned upon for having a solid sound while playing games and watch movies.

so in short the the bottom line is that the nvidia shield seems to be a bulky and big ,considerably a semi portable hand held gaming device for a seamless gaming experience 


taking a look at the big weapon to be looked for in a gaming based device for a gamer is a game pad .
the shield processes a star of the  device good looking game pad with some dedicated keys just below its speaker.
The four A / B / X / Y face buttons exist on a flat plane, while the 360's are on a slightly curved plane; 
the other thing to say about its keypad is that while pressing the upper keys its hard to resist the thumb sticks key as our palms lower end tend to press them which generally sometimes messes with the game control especially with on screen game camera.
it should have been on the little towards side edges which would have a given a comfortable palm rest like in wired xbox 360 gamepad.
not the least the game pad could have been a little better in terms of design and interface but still its acceptable .
the shields 28.8Wh battery lasts for almost 10 hours when on heavy use,while if you use it only for streaming media/streaming pc it would give more juice to enjoy.
Going back up to a full charge from a 10 percent battery left it  takes three to five hours, and even much less.mainly the 5 inch screen and the tegra 4 comes on the top list of battery suckers.
taking its media qualities in to consideration its not only a better gaming device but also combines as a tablet alternative with all the features a android based tablet can give .and yes its much faster than any other tablet available in market.the apps loads very fast .all thanks tp tegra 4 for its great multitasking features and more number of core.

Switching from high end app to Android game to PC streaming to email to movies,netflix etc happens impressively very quick.

for connecting your pc to shield You'll need the requisite GeForce GTX 650 GPU or higher, the latest Shield firmware update and the latest version of GeForce Experience running on your PC. The Shield and the PC must be on the same network for streaming to work.

There's been a lot of dust kicked up over Android gaming in the last year, between the OUYA, Shield, GameStick and many other devices in the market. Unfortunately, it's just that: a cloud of dust with fumes of gaming consoles all over it . Android gaming is making its initial  steps toward validity in to console based market, but it's still got a long way to go. In the meantime, the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS' game libraries are not filled with enough good android game titles to play with with your buddy console ,they are still filling up .

Beach Buggy Blitz, however, works very smoothly. The pause button pauses the game and the command prompts on-screen during the tutorial actually correspond with buttons that exist on the gamepad . 
Let's not kid ourselves: there's one major competitor against the Shield in the current rival gaming console market. It's $50 less, similarly powerful and has a much, much better selection of mobile games. Sony's PlayStation Vita isn't a great multimedia device, but it is a very good gaming device. If you're stacking up the Shield against the Vita in the "portable gaming" category, it's a no-brainer win for the Vita, a handheld that weighs half the Shield, has a larger, prettier screen and is far more "mobile." The Vita can be easily slipped in a bag. The Shield cannot.

If you're ranking up the Shield against the play station Vita as a gaming console, however, then Shield makes a much stronger argument. Not only does it stream your PC games (at least the controller-based ones), but it's also comfortable for streaming movies in bed. It's a great portable music box. It's perfect for looking at a recipe while cooking. The Shield is an excellent tablet replacement, essentially, while the Vita is a great gaming device and little less than a shield in terms of size, performance and features ,basically it is more portable than shield.

The verdict

the nvidia shield seems to a be a well build study device with all the gaming power that a tegra 4 can give.
though priced nearly as a tablet it features all the features of a tablet except their no camera but it seems to justify itself as a hardcore gaming console with all the goodness of tablet with the crown of pc streaming games and media feature which none other device currently in market supports that ,and all this at a affordable price of $300 .
so if you are hardcore gamer you must give it a try ,it tends to come somewhere upto your expectation.

if you are interested in buying this awesome gaming console ,then you can buy it from amazon from link given below to get some extra discount for this gaming beast with incredible powers

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