Monday, December 30, 2013

Apple Black Hole :The holographic iphone

here comes an another concept phone from the tech giant Apple designed by creative designers in world to be brought up in 2020 .
so come on guys lets take a look at whats going into the apple world to come up new next gen tech in the coming future

The pace with which smartphone technology is progressing in the modern era of futurism, we can’t even visualize the form and functioning of the gadgets in the decades to come ahead. Now we don’t have any other option than to bank on the vision or insight of the creative designers and hardworking engineers, giving the glimpse of futuristic technology and gadgets for the coming days of modern era.

so here comes an another incredible design from creative designers with awesome tech vision to give this cool gadget concept"The Apple Black Hole concept", it  is an identical cellphone concept that makes use of holographic technology to control all functions & applications. Designed for the year 2020,the holographic iphone also incorporates a charging base, Prism and the Black Hole. As soon as you open your hand, the central ball levitates to control the functions in mid-air. And when attached to the charging base, the Black Hole becomes a desktop device, allowing endless possibilities to the geeks.

Are we expecting it to early for this kind cool gadget from apple or its the future of technology that will levitate its endless possibilities after a long time,it totally depends on the creativity of human minds and hard working engineers in the companies like apple.
Its a concept only ,so there are possibilities that it make not even come ento market ,but still our hopes our high on a device of this kind to enter consumer market by 2020.
so lets keep our fingers crossed to see this kind of tech very soon from the tech giants like apple or it may be Samsung to come up first .

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