Tuesday, December 24, 2013

flexible smartphone plus tablet


flexible smartphone plus tablet

With the rise in use of oled ,amoled and new display technologies the flexible displays are also making their entry into the market giving us the glimpse of next gen technology and how our future can become with these awesome technology.

The amount of new devices using flexible technology is less but gradually will increasing to massive amount, like this upcoming device which is a sort of netbook or a fold out tablet or fold out phablet. It seems that this could be the future of devices to come, but not just yet we will still have to put up with current technology for now.

This "Flexible Mobile" is a conceptual smart mobile device that utilizes emerging technology to be created around a soft surface, ideally a fabric and or mesh, which would house the main components and mount the screen. 

Featuring the touch sensitive, flexible screen that allows the device to fold out and become a tablet, the new mobile device also utilizes the outside screen ie multiple screens to display the graphic treatment/background on large screen by combining it when the screen opens it flap, picked by the user, to allow quick and easy customization and unlimited CFM options .Designer: Andrew Namminga

Are you wondering what it could be after this comes to market,then keep your fingers crossed ,as your wish may come true very soon to go hands on with such kind of devices from tech giants like nokia,samsung etc as they are already in process of building such devices for future.

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