Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Piggy Bank ,an incredible power bank

The Piggy Bank

hi guys here comes a cool gadgets that will burst your quench for power posrts while having lot of gadgets in you hand to charge .

its really a helpful product for every tech geek junkie surrounded by gadgets .
so come on lets take a look at it ...

The Piggy Bank is officially the Power Bank and this time around we are calling it the Svintus Power Strip.your favorite piggy bank like device itself is Capable of handling 17 plugs at a time, the reason why it won’t blow up in your face is the cleverly concealed internal circuit breaker. It kinda protects you from overloading the strip, however it’s cute quotient can be upped by including an audible “oink”!

is'int an awesome device for all your power needs...yeah it is .

it will give you extra power to put the juice right on to your tech stuff without any electric hazards.

Designer: Art Lebedev Studio
Founded in Moscow in 1995, Art. Lebedev Studio is the only design company in the world offering product design, city environment design, graphic design, websites, interfaces, packaging, interior design, typeface design, custom patterns, illustrations, and book publishing under one roof.

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