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archos gamepad 2 review

here comes a another gaming tablet to satisfy your quench for a better gaming device 

archos gamepad 2 review

so come on lets take a indepth look in its capabilities and features below


Gamepad features a aesthetically clean and comfortable design to fit in hands for gaming purposes .with a dimensions of 229.8 x 118.7 mm x 15.4 mm (9’’x 4.6’’x 0.6’’) 330g (11.6 oz) it is built over a solid chassis built with 7’’: 1024x600 capacitive 5 points multitouch screen .

gaming on the device is great due to its clean design.


archos gamepad 2 with 2gb ram and quad core cpuThe Archos GamePad 2 is powered with a quad-core 1.6GHz Rockchip processor, with a Mali-400 GPU along side featuring a 2GB of RAM. 

The Game Pad 2 is a Jelly Bean-powered Android tablet with 8GB or 16GB of on-board storage, a micro SD slot for expansion, a front-facing camera, front-facing stereo speakers, dual Wi-Fi antennas, and an HDMI output if you want to take your games to the big screen.

Display Screen

The archos GamePad 2 offers a decent 1,280 x 800 pixel IPS screen up from the 1024 x 600 resolution display present in the original gamepad 1. it does not come hand in hand with its counter rivals like Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire HDX 7 featuring incredibly sharp 1,920 x 1,200 screen.

The lower resolution screen is pretty evident in some great games while playing . Playing Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour the jagged edges of the objects are evident in a way they simply aren't on a higher pixel density screen. Contrast and colour tone are both well represented and certainly a step up from first GamePad though.

Battery life

The original GamePad 1 battery life was very low and managed on average three hours of power . Archos has addressed this issuein gamepad 2  by adding a 5,000mAH battery promising an massive and improved 9 hours of gaming without heating issues.

In real world use just playing games, the GamePad 2 manages to make it through the day which makes it much better than its predeccesor. with some web browsing, movie streaming ,checking out of facebook you can expect to get close to 7-8 hours of use out of it. As a comparison with the Nexus 7 with its 3,950 mAH capacity battery delivers around nine hours in active use.


archos gamepad 2 with 2gb and asphalt 8:airborn controlsTaking gaming into consideration, the GamePad 2 will come bundled with two games: Asphalt 8: Airborne and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, both full versions, both optimized for use with the controls.


The Archos GamePad 2 is powered with a quad-core 1.6GHz Rockchip processor, with a Mali-400 GPU along side featuring a 2GB of RAM. Thats an extra 1GB of RAM and an extra couple of cores to improve gaming powes from its predecessor which make the GamePad 2 equipped to handle the most advanced and demanding games. 

It’s capable to take care of all the typical Android tablet tasks like browsing and streaming. Games, however, do not run some problems. Playing Modern Combat 4, there’s noticeable signs of some lag and it doesn’t run as smooth as we thought of.

This is demonstrated by various benchmarks tests where scores a 1,419 multi-core score in Geekbench 3. In comparison with the Nexus 7 :2 powered by relatively old Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor manages a far superior 2672. In the 3D Mark Ice Storm Unlimited gaming benchmark test it manages a 4,144 score, which is again lower than the Nexus 7 2 (11672). 

Archos has worked to eliminate every single shortcoming from The GamePad 2 by featuring a 1.6 GHz A-9 quad-core processor, a dedicated quad-core graphics processor, and 2 GB of system RAM. Archos has also bumped up the screen resolution -- not all the way to 1080p, but at least to a more competitive 1,280x800 pixels from its original gamepad. (Personally, I think it's more than adequate for a 7-inch screen.
As for the battery, a definite sticking point in the original GamePad, Archos promises "a much larger battery than normally used on a 7-inch tablet," and it is better as mentioned than its predessosr .


The GamePad 2 was launced at $200 but now you can get it a nearly $160-190 from various retailers and online stores


If you are looking for a sleek and cool gaming tablet in a budget of $150-$200 with nearly rock solid and competitive specs and performance then you could go for it.
It will give you all the goodness of gaming ,weather its 3d games or something else you will not be disappointed .

Its specs are at par with its rivals specs giving you a good gaming experience ,so definitely its worth a try. 

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