Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Google Adsense Premium Account :Is this what you are looking to get entitled for as a website owner

hi guys ,have you ever thought why some sites running google adsense advertisement having 5-6 ad banners on their sites !!!
here is the answer for these kind of privileges which only a few elite bloggers get making them distinct from other ordinary blogs due to large traffic which their sites receive making them entitled for the next level of google adsense called google adsense premium program 

so come on guys lets take a deeper look into these special privilege offered by google to some outstanding good performing sites called ad-sense premium account and how to get an premium adsense account right below 

google adsense premium accountGoogle Adsense Premium Account Publisher Program is meant for premium websites  with outstanding traffic stats,i.e with over that 6 -10 million page views per month. But in the reality Google might approve websites with less page view stats which meet Google policies and deliver high quality of content which could take the hearts of people giving it 5 star reviews . 

How to get premium adsense account

You need to know that you cannot apply for premium adsense account yourself in any ways,the only way to get into this special program for elite publishers is fulfill the conditions given below and then automatically you will be invited by adsense team for getting into this program over a email.

Here are some essential conditions for getting your website qualified for premium adsense

1. Your site should get more than 6 millions Page view per month

2. Your site/blog must be using top level domains like .com , .net etc

3. you are getting large number of visitors from search engines like google ,bing etc

4. you are updating your website regularly with quality content for you visitors

Here comes the list of Advantages which follows your premium Adsense approval email from google adsense team to cherish after you are in to the program

1. You Can place more than 3 Google Adsense Ads in a single page i.e 5-6 or more.

2. You Can negotiate the percentage  of cut your earnings from adsense program, Eg, you can ask for 80% of the earnings .

3. You will be appointed with a Dedicated Adsense manager to advice you for maximizing your ad revenues for free.

4. advanced customization options for Adsense ads in any way you like to suit your site which are not given to normal publishers.

5. You are provided with Better security  and safeguard against shock/unknown banning of your Adsense account.

6. You are offered to test the latest Adsense features which are in beta and not available to the other normal adsense publishers .

7. Advanced reporting and analytics ,upgraded dashboard with more customization options.

8. good and faster response to the queries sent by you to Google adsense team for resolving various issues and busting your doubts and queries.

9.You are Eligible to Get Higher cpm rates for the ads served on your sites.

i know you would be again and again looking at the above conditions and advantages with a fantasy in mind to get all these benefits for your sites and fill your pockets with big bills of dollars in large numbers and flaunt your hefty paychecks with your friends.

yes friends all this could be possible very soon ,as you all know hefty traffic on your site is directly proportional to hefty paychecks in your pockets ,friends you can get into it, all you need to do is hard work to get upto that level ,but mind it always follow 3 R's of hardwork i.e rigorous,regular and rewarding handwork always pays of well.

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