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Social Media Marketing Trends

Social Media Marketing Trends: What Does 2014 Have In Store?

Social Media marketing is one of the crucial aspects of the internet marketing and in order to strengthen your online presence you should make yourself aware of the social media trends that are ruling and would continue to influence your online marketing strategies in the coming years.  The Social Networking sites have revolutionized the way products and services are promoted online and cashing in on the community that is predisposed to your product, would imply increased visibility and sales.

Now, the social media industry has witnessed a number of changes in the recent years. While Twitter had gone ahead to buy Vine and add video in its mix of features, Instagram had also added video to its repertoire, in response. Facebook, on the other hand, saw scores of its teen fans leaving it for other platforms to gain more attention. So what exactly can you look forward to in 2014, as far the as the social media landscape is concerned? Here’s a rundown.

The Industry would Witness the Introduction of many New Networks

Social, location and mobile or the idea of SoLoMo is something that’s going to take the world of Social Media by storm.  Up until now, social sharing of your content had been one of your key responsibilities. Now, the location and mobility of the content would also end up playing a crucial role in the success of your content. Content would continue to be the king. However, the location of your content would also play a crucial role from now as well. 

Now, mobiles are fast emerging as one of the most significant platforms for marketers with more than 133 million registered smartphones in the United States of America and you have to move forward from desktop to mobile in order to scale further heights.  As mobile goes mainstream this year, you have to make sure that you’re considering ways in which your users would interact with the help of mobile devices.

Google + will Emerge as one of the leading players in the Social Media landscape

There’s no doubt this lesser explored platform has gained significant exposure with Google Authorship, but it still remains an underrated Social Networking site. 2014 is clearly going to change all that. There are many benefits offered by this platform, other than the obvious Search Engine Optimization advantages. Other networks don’t exactly offer you similar privileges. 

You get to avail Hangouts, Communities and the chance to share your content with specific groups etc. Its understandable that the pace at which one gains followers on Google isn’t comparable with that of Twitter. However, as more people are adding G+ in their Social Media repertoire, there’s no reason why you shouldn't see a steady growth in the number of people in your circles.

The importance of video content would be more than ever.

Video content will be consumed more than ever in the coming years. Whether its an advertisement or educational video, users would now be more interested in seeing videos. So make sure that even if you’re including lengthy texts in your content, you’re integrating valuable videos in them. Plain texts can be regarded as downright bland. 

The inclusion of videos keeps your visitors hooked to your site. As per reports, 89 percent of users aged between 18-34 years generally watch online videos, and the number is going to cross the 90 percent mark in 2014.

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