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top 12 best direct ads networks

hi guys running a successful blog with lot of daily traffic ,this is because you have worked hard for it ,so now is the time to reap the fruits of hard work you have done for your very own website.

you may be earning decent income from cpm ad networks like google adsense ,tribal fusion etc but still their is much more potential to get a bit of higher revenues from the ads you show on your blog by getting the ads directly from people ,as it reduces the middle man percentages like google gives only 68% to publishers of what it gets from advertisers .
so why not go for direct advertising on your blog to increase your revenues

here i have discussed with you some other great benefits along with more revenue which you get from direct advertisements .
its great if you get the advertisers directly ,but if you are not getting them directly below are some great direct ad networks for you to get direct advertisers for your site .
they do take a small cut of your earning for management but ,its far less from other cpm ad networks .

so come on without a do lets take a look below at the benefits of direct advertising on the website.

Benefits of Direct Advertising 

There are many advantages of direct ad serving on your websites . If your website gets adequate/large no. of visitors but you cannot produce income from your present promotion system like Google adsense or others cpm ad networks then In this scenario, Direct ad serving system can help weblog/website writers making desired cash from their property because these types of ad  systems give blog writers many useful functions and different types of ads(sponsored post ,Facebook ads,sponsored tweets etc) to be served on different platform thus increasing your chances of getting more revenue. 

Here are some advantages of direct advertising on your websites:

  • with direct ads You can set your own rates for displaying ads on your website for getting good revenues.
  • You can select your payment transaction techniques for instant payments
  • You can disable ads quickly
  • You can display as many as ads on your webpages as you want, there is no restriction for displaying ads like in google adsense(3-5 ads banners) only.
Here comes the list of Top 10 Best Direct Advertising Networks For Bloggers.

1. Buysellads is one of the best direct ad network based in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded in 2008 by CEO Todd Garland.
Based on BuiltWith Trends recent reports , has grown by 39% in the previous years and ranks as the 16th fastest-growing advertising company.its a good option to get yourself partnered with it ,if it accepts your site .It takes 25% from your total revenue which you get for a particular ad.

2. PassionFruitAds

I think it is a great ad network with lot of potential advertisers and publishers to work with each others .the most important thing is that it does not take a cut from your revenue that you get for ads that means you get 100% instead it takes very less monthly/yearly subscription charges for using the services .the charges vary according to the plan you choose,but they still are very low when compared to the income you earn from direct you can definitely give it a try ,as it is gives 1 month free trial. 

3. Projectwonderful

Project Wonderful is an advertising broker with an innovative model that brings fairness, transparency, and profitability to the advertising process giving you better earning opportunities ! Rather than paying for clicks, Project Wonderful is based on the purchase of time on a website. Advertisers bid on how much they feel time on a website is worth in an “Infinite auction" in the you could get $25 for a day or more ,it depends on advertising persons biding interest in your could give it a try.

4. OIOpublisher

Control your ad space with the OIOpublisher ad manager. Serve advertising on your blog or website and keep 100% of the revenue which you get from advertisers,that means no revenue cut. OIO Publisher, it is the best ad management plugin for WordPress. It has built-in tracking for your advertisers, ad rotation,automatic sales management and many more interesting features to satisy and mange all your advertising needs.
it cost you one time purchase from which you could manage unlimited blogs.

5. Advertisespace

AdvertiseSpace is the easy way to buy and sell ads online for your great blog. Easy Flat Monthly Rates. No Minimum Ad Spends. Up and Running in Minutes.
its a great option with large number advertisers in the marketplace ,so you could get better rates for your sites.

6. Puxee

An online advertising systems that allows you to sell ads or buy ads on top websites/blogs.good user interface.good to give a shot.only one catch ,it has low advertisers on its marketplace .

7. Crankyads

Generate passive income from sponsors coming to your site and buy banner advertising campaigns with ease.Easy to set up and  use.go for getting revenue from your website empty space.

8. Komoona

Your site has unique content, then you could get approved by this network to get good amount of advertisers willing to pay great amount for ads on your site.  they have large variety of categories to fit under and attract advertisers for your weblogs.

9. Adengage

AdEngage allows webmasters to earn money selling ad space and allows advertisers to easily place ads on thousands of websites.AdEngage operates a major online advertising network that displays ads on more than 8000 websites .

10. Adsella

Buy and sell ad space on the web’s first and only true ad space marketplace. AdSella makes it easy for website owners to monetize their sites

11. Linkworth

It Provides easy one way text link ads for advertisers boosting link popularity of the advertisers and blogs.they offer many different ways of advertising and provide 24/7 monitoring of all published advertisements. Where most advertising networks offer one or two type of ad products, LinkWorth offers more than 9 different types of ad products for Advertisers to purchase and Partners to sell and earn handsome money from their websites.

12. PublicityClerks

it is also a good direct ad network with lot of possibilities of customization and websites are available with great can buy and sell your content with ease without any technical problems at great rates.

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