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top 45 Killer widgets for bloggers

Hi friends its a must that a person who enters into the world of blogging generally starts of his career with the most popular blogging platform blogger i.e blogspot to nurture his skills but later might think on migrating to some other like word-press.
when he feels that their are not enough plugins to satisfy his needs to make his blog look more compelling in this current era of competition
so now you will not have to migrate from blogspot to wordpress or something else at-least for a very silly reason of not having enough plugins (you may move due to some other reasons) because here comes the the list of most popular plugins which you could use easily to make your blog more attractive and appealing.

Mark my words after reading this post you will never feel that you are out of widgets for your blogspot blog

so without a do here comes the much awaited top 45 list of most wanted plugins right after the break which could help you to give a mesmerizing looks to your blogs and earn more from it

Communication widgets

1. Meebo Me – Meebo Me plugin will allow you to create a chat box that you can install on your Blogger  blog page, giving you the chance to converse with visitors coming to your site.
2. Skype – The official Skype widget allows you to create various buttons that can show your current status and also allows people to just click it and give you a call or talking to you .
3. Google Talk – With this google Plugin Give  your visitors the ability to talk to you via Google Talk directly from your blog will let visitors to your web page chat with you. They'll be able to chat with you whenever you're signed in to Google Talk.
4. Add This – This  popular social bookmarking button is available for Blogger accounts for sharing your content far and wide across the web by you and your visitors .

5. Tag-Board – Allows you to add a real-time chat board to your blog that your visitors and you can use to converse.

6. ShareThis – This highly customizable green button that ShareThis is known for can be added to your blog.  Choose if you want it for social bookmarking, users emailing your posts and have an alternative plugin add this with same capabilities as that of this one.

Social Widgets

7. Delicious Linkrolls – Share your Delicious bookmarks with the world with this easy to install linkroll widget.
8. FriendFeed Widget – Share all of your FriendFeed activity with the readers of your site.
9. Google Friend Connect – A makeshift social network that runs across any site that has installed Google Friend Connect.  You can join a site, see the other members, play games and more.
10. LinkedInABox – This LinkedInABox  widget retrieves your LinkedIn profile to display on your blog, allowing people to look through things such as your specialties and experience.
11. MyBlogLog – If someone visits your blog that is also a member of MyBlogLog, their avatar and username will appear in the box.  You can then click on any person to check out their profile on the service.
12. Twitter – Add your Twitter stream to your blog and display anywhere from your last tweet to the last twenty. Also gives a link for people to be able to follow you.

13. Share on Facebook – A simple widget that allows your readers to share items from your blog on Facebook.
14. SocialFeed – A streaming widget that broadcasts your activities on sites such as Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc.  Has several different templates to choose from.

15. Facebook Like Box (floating in fixed position)
This facebook widget allows your blog users to like your fan page from any page on your site.  A facebook like box will hover over every page continuously.

16. Facebook Popup Widget
Display a like box that pops up on your blog once the page loads.  This will dramatically increase your facebook likes.

17. Floating Share Buttons
Encourage your readers to share your blog posts with this floating widget. Counts the number of times a post has been shared to each social network.offers all the social sharing platforms in one widget.

Latest News Widgets

18. Mashable – Yes, now you too can share the best latest news on your blog with this Mashable news will keep you updated as its the news breaker of web with latest news from across the world

Photo Stream Widgets 

19. Flickr – You can generate an HTML or Flash based badge of your photo stream to share your images with your blog visitors to make them see your great stuff right at your blog.
20. Picasa Albums – Display your public Picasa albums in your blog sidebar with this handy widget.its an Ideal widget for your personal blogs, photo blogs and web design blogs or travel blogs.

Other's useful widgets

21. Easy Comments – This widget allows you to add commenting to any page of your site by placing the widget at the bottom of a page.  Allows people to say if they liked the comment, includes comment threading and more.
22. Google Search – Add this Google search box to your blog that you can allow to search the web and your blog, or even just restrict it to the contents of your site.
23. Popular Posts – This widget will take a look at your comments, and generate a list of which posts had the most conversation around them.
It has an alternative given by techknowl ,so you could choose either of them     Popular Posts Widget by TechKnowl - A very simple popular posts plugin using Yahoo pipes to filter out popular posts on your blog.
or You could take the default popular post widget gien by blogspot like used in this blog at the bottom of page.
24. Recent Comments – It will Display the most recent comments on your blog in this widget so that readers can join in the conversation to their views .
alternative from bloggers plugin
Recent Comments Widget by BloggerPlugins - A highly customizable widget from bloggers plugin. You can set the number of comments to display, author name, date and size of comment. You can also use custom CSS to gel it done with your  blog theme.
25. Related Posts – Not so much a widget as a hack, this will give you the related post functionality that so many WordPress powered blogs use.This is highly customizable widget. You can set number of posts to display, post summary and it's length.

26.Recent Posts Widget by Feed2JS - This excellent plugin makes plugin installation and customization very easy. Just fill in the form and click the button to generate widget code.

27. Tag/Label Cloud –this widget Gives you the ability to install a traditional tag cloud in your sidebar so people can see what you write about the most.
Label Cloud Plugin by phydeaux3 - This is one of the most popular label cloud generation plugin for blogger. You can customize various options after installing this plugin.
simple plugin offered by blogspot in plugins list ,go and grab anyone of above to get some tags visible to visitors 

28. Currently Online Readers Widget :A small widget which display how many users are currently online. The widget also indicates which pages are currently being looked at.

29. content discovery by Outbrain :They says "Install our technology to offer recommendations and help your audience discover more content on your site that is interesting to them. Add a new revenue stream by offering recommendations to high-quality third-party content on other sites".

30. PageRank Buttons :Showoff your website's Google PageRank with this small fast loading and decent widget.

31. Random Posts Button :This widget creates links to your template that directs users to a random post from your blog when its clicked.

32. Top Commentators Widget by BloggerPlugins - This excellent plugin has two versions. One for blogs having small number of comments and the second variant for blogs receiving lots of go ahead and grab the one which fits your blog audience size.

33. Translation Widget by BloggerPlugins - This one click install widget add multiple language translation support to your blogger blog.

34. Archive Calendar Widget by PurpleMoggy - Very impressive archive calendar widget with customizable options.

35. Search Form Widget by Blogger Templates Designs - If you want to add site search box in your blog's sidebar, install this plugin.

36. Sudoku Game Widget by Blogger Templates Designs - Want to add some interesting puzzle games for your visitors? Then install this plugin to integrate sudoku puzzle game in your blogger blog.

37. Reactions Mini-Poll Widget by ThemeLib - Want to host a poll on your blogger blog? Install this plugin and get customizable polls for your readers.this widget has an default alternative by blogspot in plugins List.

38. Alexa Traffic WidgetDisplay your Alexa stats with this customizable widget to attract more direct advertisers .

39. Snow Flakes Widget by TechKnowl - Add a stunning snowfall effect in your blogger template in the festive season.

40. Flash MP3 Player Widget by TechKnowl - This plugin will allows you to embed flash mp3 player in your blogger blog. The player is very light with custom optionsand will not make your page heavy.

41. Tab View Widget by Hoctro - The coolest plugin showing tabbed posts with animated post excerpts. A must for your blog's sidebar making it cool looking.

42. Random/Rotating Banner Widget by FreeYaSoul - Very useful widget for displaying rotating banners in your blog's header. You can customize and can choose any number of headers from large variety of templates.

43. Social Bookmarking Widget by Lasvak - This is the most easily install-able bookmarking widget for bloggers. Just copy and paste a single line of code in your template and your bookmarking icons are ready to go along with your webpages.

44. Podcating Plugin by Talkr - If you want to integrate podcasts to your blog, register for this service and get free podcasting plugin for your blogger blog for giving your visitors some cool and interesting stuff right from your mouth .

45. Archive Calendar Widget by phydeaux3 - Here comes Another  popular archive calendar widget. Highly customizable for better experience for the visitors on your site web pages .

come on bloggers let your creativity chase the flying kites over the skies to give you the the best possible combination of widgets for your blog for making it more appealing and attractive which would turn it into cash cow for you minting your pockets with hot cash and your website with abundant traffic making you and your content viral over the world of web. 

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