Sunday, February 16, 2014

GlassUp | awesome google glass alternative @ cheap price

With the trend of wearable tech increasing manifolds in the current decade ,there comes a another alternative to the famous google glass .In the same fashion as Google Glass, GlassUp serves as a second-screen to your iOS or Android smartphone and apps on your smartphone. It displays text messages, emails, notifications, and much more. But there are a few things that set GlassUp a better option than google glass.

GlassUp | awesome google glass alternative @ cheap price   GlassUp: camera and integrated health apps

GlassUp: camera and advanced features

GlassUp: smartphone app navigator

For the best comparison, it's cheaper and better option than google glass. It costs $399 compared to $1,500 for Google Glass. Though, the commercial version of Glass will be likely much more affordable than the current cost of its developers version when it comes to retail shops.

GlassUp: price @ $399

Second of all, they actually look very much like real glasses, providing the wearer with a more discreet experience. The glasses also display the information closer to the center of your field of a view, as opposed to near the top right of your field of vision

There is only one catch in Glassup, GlassUp doesn't have a camera. That could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. You won't be able to capture your life as seamlessly real-time, but at least the general public won't have to worry about you recording them every time you have the glasses on. Though, there is a version of GlassUp that does come with a camera with a slightly higher price tag. 

GlassUp: The patent fight

GlassUp: The patent fight
"We all know that augmented reality is expected to be big in the near future; we will have AR glasses, jackets, hats, whatever. You cannot own those words. If we develop a glove that sends to a PC the movements of my fingers (it's being done, as you know), we can't be inhibited from calling it a Glove, even if it's singular,"

"Here is even a better example: we have read in the news that Google is developing a technological shoe. Do you really think that you will own the word Shoe for tech shoes from now on?" We have reached out to Google and will update this story if we hear back.

GlassUp: Price and Order

You can pre-order the device for $399. GlassUp had just launched a $150,000 IndieGogo campaign to raise money for its new augmented reality glasses for its can go to Indigogo and book one for you.

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