Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to Remove Empty Space Above Bloggers Blog Header

Hi friends while blogging on bloggers platform you can make many customization to make your template look beautiful and suits your needs ,for this purpose only ,here yet another tweak which would help you to remove the extra empty space above your title header which comes up when you tend to remove default bloggers navbar on every bloggers  blog. 

Often It happens that This empty space often pushes down the header making it very wired . though It can be utilized to display - ads, navigation menu, social networking buttons and much more on top if you want or you can remove it as you wish .
How to Remove Empty Space Above The Bloggers Blog Header
so finally without wasting the time lets make few changes in your template to remove this empty space with the code given right below

You can get rid of this empty space left after removing the navbar on Top by performing following steps  :


1. Log in to your blogger account

2. Go to Template -> Click Edit HTML and then Proceed.

3. Using Ctrl+F look for </head> tag:

4. Now add the following code just above the </head> tag:

<style type='text/css'>
margin-top: -40px !important;

5. Preview the template before saving.

Note : you can change the numeric value above from 40 pixel according to your needs

Thankyou :):) happy blogging!!

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