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Nokia presents Your wish is my App II @ IndiBlogger's Indimeet

Recently i got a chance to visit Indimeet from Indiblogger's sponsored by Nokia at The Oberoi Hotel on 24 january .

Nokia presents Your wish is my App II @ IndiBlogger's Indimeet
It was a great evening for all the indiblogger across the india who came here to interact with blogger community and nokia. the event started of with a special gesture in which we all were asked to stand and howl loudly #hurr #hurr for 2 minutes which rejuvenated all of us by filling tremendous amount of energy in everyone.  mind blowing speech about nokia lumia progress journey was presented by Nokia India MD Mr. P.Balaji. 

After that the trio of most stunning,sexy,swashbuckling hosts Vikas Khanna, Rajiv Makhni and Vishal Gondal! came to take our breaths by making us laugh very hard and put the smile on our faces through out the event in addition of showering gifts from nokia.
there is no need to give the introduction of these hot personalities from India but still i would like to throw some light on their tremendous and breath taking achievements which makes them so special ...

Rajiv makhni is known as India's Tech Guru. He hosts multiple TV shows on Technology and Lifestyle (one in chaste Hindi), he has anchored India's only Daily show on the Net, and hosted a talk show on Men. He also owns a large clothing company (but makes clothes only for women), loves food so much that he ran a chain of restaurants (and sampled everything, everyday). Rajiv was also a successful model (and manages to look sufficiently embarrassed about it when asked) and is currently writing a book (not on technology).He is a multiple award-winning columnist and writes for major publications like Hindustan Times, GQ, Outlook and may others in India and Abroad. He is married, lives in Delhi and has just discovered that Fatherhood may well be the best education in life.
Vikas Khanna is born November 14, 1971) is an award winning Michelin Starred Indian chef, restaurateur, filmmaker, humanitarian and the host of the TV Show MasterChef India (season 2) and MasterChef India (season 3). He is based in New York City. In 2011, People magazine named Khanna in the list of "Sexiest Man Alive" and also referred to as "The Hottest Chef of America".
Vishal Gondal is an Indian entrepreneur and angel investor, best known as the founder and CEO of Indiagames. He was the Managing Director and DisneyUTV Digital India.

nokia indibloggers indimeet #ywma
Nokia is really moving the steps forward to keep upto the competitions of rivals as we could see, their work speaks for itself in 2011 7000+ apps @ window phone launch and now in 2014 after 3 years 200000+ apps for windows phone ,
i think its a remarkable achievement for nokia ,that's why lumia rocks :):)

There were many prize winning competitions for audience for giving simple answers to questions  .

nokia indibloggers indimeet #ywma
In one of the instance the 2 awesome hosts the great punjabi chef vikas khanna and mr. gaming guru vishal gondal were put to task to get upto an app idea in 1 minute by the breathing host mr. Rajiv Makhni .Both came out with some amazing and awesome ideas  but our punjabi putar vikas won the game by audience poll.

I got a chance to capture some videos of this app fight ,you can see them below

 I didn't got a chance to represent my app idea which could change the world if come to existence ,so i my presenting them below

App Idea which could change our vision to see see the world 

1. face-o-mania

Basic idea : facial recognition integrated with argumented reality

About : when we would open this app ,it would open the camera and when we would put our smartphone to someones face anywhere in a moving metro,while walking in street or anywhere .the camera will capture the image of person and recognize for us by linking the image to its online social profile like photo matching with google+ and facebook profile pics and many more social profiles of a person and shows us the info about the person.
This would help us to increase our interactivity with people and make us more connected with the world than ever before .

2. Blood bank app

Basic idea : blood banks info with realtime blood availability updates 

About: This app will show all the blood banks in the proximity of the region of the person with nearest possible route (maps integrated) along with that an another imported option which could update in realtime the amount of blood of particular blood group available at blood bank .
this app will really be helpful for people in blood need in emergencies. 

It was an incredible experience of my first NOKIA Indibloggers Indimeet with the great trio of hosts Vikas Khanna, Rajiv Makhni and Vishal Gondal who gave me some great cherishable memories of that awesome evening .

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