Monday, February 17, 2014

PopAds adnetwork review

Recently will I was on a hunt for a great ad network for my blog ,i came across a popular popup ads network popads network and found it was very amazing in terms of cpm when compared to its rivals like edomz etc

PopAds is the best paying advertising network specialized in pop under on the Internet in popup ads markets for publishers. They guarantee you that no other popunder ad network will pay better than this network,and yes they prove it right each and every time (for reference you can see my cpm over a short period of time on my site given below).

This ad network is very popular on internet when it comes to pop under ad networks and gives a strong competition to its rival like edomz.
PopAds adnetwork review

PopAds Details

Network Type: CPM, CPVAd types: POP UP/underPayment Methods: Paypal, Payza,wireMinimum Payment Threshold: $5(Paypal, Payza)
Minimum Payment Threshold: $500(wire)
Payment frequency: AnytimeConflict with other programs and/or exclusivity: NoneRequirements / Restrictions: NoneWebsite URL:

Cpm Rates of Popads for my site
Cpm Rates of Popads for my site

PopAds Pros:

1. Minimum payment: It is only $5.00 for PayPal and AlertPay. For Wire Transfer it is $500. Anytime withdrawal, no need to wait.

2. Adult traffic is also accepted.

3. Best CPM rates in pop ads networks .

PopAds Cons:

1. All impressions are not counted.

2. Some countries are not accepted for ad display.


Popads is a great ad network for popup ads paying the highest cpm in pop ads market.if you are in a view to get popup ads for your site then you must give it a try @ popads ad network.

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