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Top 13 sponsored content widgets to monetize your website

Here comes the list of top 13 best sponsored content sharing(extended discovery) widgets to generate revenue from your weblog.
Most publications monetize through traditional banner ads. A recent study by IPG Media Lab found that consumers view native ads 53% more frequently and are 13% more likely to share native ads than banners.

so what are you waiting for just get your website hooked with one of these network to get good revenue from your site.

Most of these networks also offers audience development programs ,so if your site have low traffic then also you can join them to exchange traffic and build your site audience to your site .one of our favorites is Mgid audience development.

so come on without a lets droll over the list to get fill our pockets with big $$$ bills at minimal efforts

1. Mgid

Mgid is one of the most popular sponsored content services on the web that helps site owners to monetize their site with sponsored related articles and increase your site audience. You can use sponsored content widget on your site to earn extra income from your site. Thousands of bloggers and site owners use Mgid to generate more page views and revenue from their online content.We are also using it ,it is giving us incredible results.

2. Taboola

Taboola is a very popular high cpm paying network that you may have seen on may popular sites like is a good network to give a try and experience a revenue growth from sponsored content widget on your site.

3. nRelate

Nrelate is one of the best ways to generate extra income from your blog by showing sponsored content articles. Nrelate helps publishers increase page views and earn revenue by showing related content from their own site and others site respectively. Nrelate pays to publishers via PayPal.before staring to show sponsored content you need to fill out some tax forms and location forms to earn revenue.

4. Engageya

Engagaye is Yet another alternative to build site audience and get a revenue stream for your site by showing sponsored content through their widget on your ever growing you can give it a try to see whether its suits your need or not.

5. is one of the fastest growing ad networks that pays to publishers fixed guaranteed high cpm rate for showing sponsored related posts from different sites on web.It does not except publishers with low traffic. pays to publishes via PayPal and Check. Minimum payout of the site is $50.

6. adBlade

One of the best advertising networks for sponsored related ads but it requires heavy traffic for getting selected in their network.their main condition is that, If your site receives more than 500000 page views monthly, you can apply for this high paying ad network. The site offers highly relevant and high paying related ads. Very useful ad network for big publishers to work with for earning revenue.

7. Nster

Nster is a cutting-edge content discovery platform for attracting target audience to your website .You have accomplished a huge work — great website, aced content, and hundreds of daily visitors. Guess what, you’ve just made a revenue source with great ecpm. you can Make money by publishing the Nster sponsored content sharing widget on your popular site.only one catch before applying to network is that your Alexa ranking of website should be 200,000 or higher to get accepted.

8. livefyre

I think it is a best program to cater to your custom need of different banner types specially tailored for your cpm rates .generally meant for large audience website.go give it a try to see the difference in your revenue stream from sponsored content if you get selected in their program.

9. zemanta

If you operate a great site with huge audience and large number of readers flocking at your site ,then this is meant for you .you can give a try to experience a good cpm from sponsored content and great related content for your sites.

10. revcontent

RevContent is the industry leading content marketing monetization platform backed by the strength of Clickbooth network, the world renowned performance-based online marketing company. With the largest exclusive publisher and advertiser base in the industry, Clickbooth has positioned itself as an industry leader for over a decade, breaking through the chaos and emerging as the complete solution for all digital marketing will get good related dsponsered content along with good ecpm rates.

11. Outbrain

Outbrain is one of the most popular services of extended content discovery on the internet that helps weblogs owners to show highly relevant content on their site from their site.The outbrain revenue sharing option is available for only big publishers with more than 500 k page view per month ,but if you are looking for any good related post widget for your site, you can try Outbrain because outbrain widget load time is very low and does not increase your sites loading time.

12. Disqus

It is very popular comments widget on your site.It shows content from your site and sponsored content from other site below and above the comment section of posts for which you are paid for in terms of cpc.

13. Newsmax

News max shows content according to your website .it will first enter into an agreement for 60 days to analyse your site and content.after which if your site survives their agenda and policies then you will be paid in terms of your hosting fees for your site every month by showing their content.

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