Wednesday, March 26, 2014

FlairStrip offering 48Mbps broadband in india @ Rs.479 per month with no FUP

Update : It was a prank ,head to the website Flairstrip to read the explanation behind it

A new upcoming ISP company FlairStrip promises to break the records of internet speed in the top developing country India by providing its users with wireless broadband plans a jaw dropping 48Mbps download speed and no FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limits that too at a very cheap rates thus giving a very strong competition to its rivals like airtel ,reliance etc.

don't get baffled by this news,yes they are talking about 48Mbps download speeds and no FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limits .the fact is ,we only need to see whats the catch behind this deal ,which is yet to be revealed by company.

FlairStrip offering 48Mbps broadband in india @ Rs.479 per month with no FUP

If your jaw is on the floor right now, collect it for the some time to experience the internet speed which is about to come . FlairStrip’s plans do appear too good to be true and there is very little information available about this plan right now. Over the Twitter page of FlairStrip it revealed that it will come out with more details soon and that it is currently in the process of testing pockets across the country. FlairStrip also revealed that it does intend to launch its services in Delhi/NCR region, Mumbai and Bangalore soon in its first phase.

FlairStrip offering 48Mbps broadband in delhi @ Rs.479 per month with no FUP

Are u waiting For this kind of insane deal to come your way like i am waiting,then do make sure to get yourself register on FlairStrip’s website with your email address to get notified of any updates as soon as it is available to experience the power of 48mbps right on your smart gadgets.

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