Saturday, March 1, 2014

RYNO :One-wheeler,self-balancing electric motorcycle

Hi friends here's comes a incredible gift for the riding world that carries you beyond your reach on the wide gusty roads leaving all your worries behind .

here i am glad to present the Chris Hoffmann creation of this incredible one Wheeler motorcycle which would change the way an individual travel's on the roads for the decades to come giving him a mind blowing experience.

RYNO :One-wheeler,self-balancing electric motorcycle

Ask a person who rides a motorcycle that what it takes to be on a motorcycle, the thrill of riding on the open road with the wind in your face and worries at your back. 
A motorcycle is indeed one of man’s best friends.

Chris Hoffmann may just be that man, and his one-wheeled RYNO motorcycle is the next great invention in the motorcycle world.

But You may thinking what exactly is a RYNO? To go with, for now it’s a one wheeler motorbike prototype– one that’s been in construction for nearly seven years already. To further add to it, it’s a single-wheeler, zero-emissions motorcycle, that uses similar — albeit more advanced — technology to the Segway.
RYNO bike cost 5292

Right now this new technology is still in the prototype stages coming very soon, but when the RYNO takes to production for the riders — may be sometime later this year — it will cost $5,295 from its production facility outside of Portland, Oregon to get yourself pampered with this one wheeler.
Hoffmann and his team are also in the process of setting up dealers nationwide so that potential customers can come in and try them out for themselves. 

 Hats off to Chris Hoffmann for this incredible creation which could change ,how world moves on roads :):)
RYNO :One-wheeler,self-balancing electric motorcycle

ryno :single-wheeler, zero-emissions motorcycle,

RYNO :One-wheeler,self-balancing electric motorcycle

so are you excited to ride headlong on the gusty wide roads on this motorcycle to get a awesome experience.
let us know your feeling about this :):)
happy driving :):)

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