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top 6 adsense alternative for youtube video monetization

Hi friends today i am going to share something interesting with you about youtube monetization which will help you to earn more revenue from your youtube videos filling your pockets with big $$ bills 

For many people youtube has been a solid source of income by making viral videos ,but for people like u and me the question arises that are we able to earn handsomly from youtube or something that could directly contribute to our house hold living .

for the matter of fact for now most of the people reading this post are not earning so much more that could make a living for them ,i know most of us are only able to make money from youtube which could pay only our utilities bills like internet access etc.

today i am going to reveal some of the alternative which have made their way to internet to monetize our youtube videos on our behave with their network to give you more money,customization's, promotion opportunities and features for your videos.
top 6 adsense alternative for youtube monetization

so without a do let me introduce to the 6 best alternatives for monetizing your youtube videos to get high cpm rates and high revenues and other great features.

1. Adrev

AdRev Monetize Your videos and maximise ad revenue on youtube videos which uses your also monetize your other videos .Thus sharing Revenue with you.

It's a very vast emerging network on youtube , as over 550 years of videos are watched daily on youtube of the AdRev Network. The network has over 18 million videos , 24+ billion annual views and 3+ million music copyrights.
i have used it ,it pays on time for our monetized videos with their network.

2. Maker studios

Maker is the #1 producer and distributor of online video to this diverse, tech-savvy group attracting 4.5 billion+ monthly views and 340 million+ subscribers.Makers maintain 100% control of their content, while Maker provides the technology and data to monitor growth and cross-platform stats with it top notch analytics for all your reporting insights and royalty reporting, community forums, and a unique Video Management System (VMS) for one-stop distribution of your shows.
so if you want high cpm,more revenues ,indepth insight and much more from your your channel with awesome videos join makers.

3. Fullscreen

It is another great network for monetizing youtube videos with premium ads ,it offers large number of tools for video customization and promotion along with the 3.5 lacks of royalty free audio libray to use in your videos .it gives you 24x7 support and access to gorilla ads ,Gorilla is Fullscreen's exclusive sponsorship marketplace which offers cpms as high as 20-40$.

so if you are not satisfied with current youtube channel performance in terms of ad revenue and exposure you can surely join this to a overall boast in your channel statistics.

4. Bigframe

Why join Big Frame? We’re a different kind of network. We aren’t trying to be the biggest network… just the best. We help our creators build sustainable, professional careers by developing their audiences and connecting them with advertisers that make sense. 
By joining this network you will be able to earn 40% more revenue than from adsense also help creators to grow their channels with Viewfinder, an exclusive platform powered by Big Frame. It’s pretty simple - you introduce yourself to audience to other Big Frame channels and they help you meet theirs.

5. Machinima

Machinima is the dominant video entertainment network for young males around the world. Serving more than 2 billion monthly video views and reaching over 175 million uniques each month, Machinima is one of the top entertainment networks on YouTube. The Machinima network features scripted series, original content, weekly and daily shows, official publisher content, and gameplay videos—all aimed at the coveted 18-34 year-old male demographic. join it to get most out of your channel.

6. FilmSection

Filmsection is the Fastest growing network on Youtube. Filmsection is an emerging creator, publisher and distributor of next generation video content on YouTube. YouTube's best channels partner with Filmsection to build professional careers by growing their audiences and unlocking lucrative partnerships with can join filmsection if you have great content on great channel.

You can also use the above youtube monetization alternatives to monetize your youtube videos if your youtube monetization tab has been disabled ,then they will monetize your videos and pay you premium cpms .except filmsection all will work with disabled monetization tab ,filmsection only enhances your revenue and gives other good features if you join them . Till now i have personally worked with adrev and they are paying good cpm for my monetization disabled channel due to some adsense issue.


All these so called online video studios will help you to get more revenues by giving premium cpms and also will provide some additional features for video customization and video branding.

so you can definitely try them if you are not satisfied by default youtube monetization revenue from adsense or your youtube channel monetization is disabled.

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