Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nokia solar energy suits provides infinite battery life to our gadgets

Nokia solar energy suits shows how next gen solar panel are evolving for sustainable smartphones charging for our better future

From north to south,Nokia to apple, A lot of research is going on to improve battery juice of smartphones and tablets to get maximum from these portable devices .in the current era of strong competition in smartphones, Researchers from all tech giants have considered solar power a great option in this direction to get a better future for all in terms of battery life. We have already seen several solar-powered smartphone chargers and solar-powered phones from many companies so far ,but still it has not been adopted on big levels.  And now, Nokia has now gone one step further and showcased their solar energy suit that can deliver infinite battery life, even in indoors. 

yes its infinite,don't get baffled :):) 
finally Nokia’s Sustainability Operations team has come up with something new in the video given below on its solar energy suits. The video reveals how its solar energy suit can work smoothly in indoor environment . Its solar panels are comparatively less expensive more robust when compared to other normal solar panels for charging. The video strongly aims to disapprove the fact that solar energy is unreliable or can just slightly increase the battery,yes we will come to know in future that solar power can really do wonders in our life.
In the video below, the suit seems to be based on Nokia’s DC -40 solar charging accessory, which is reportedly being tested out in select markets for several months and is quite popular. 

We would like to see your views on this cool Nokia’s initiative via the #sustainablelumia Twitter hashtag. and yes you could definitely take a look at the video below on Nokia solar energy:

The above amazing video on nokia solar energy suit is also for promoting Nokia’s environmental initiatives and policies. 

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