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how to make big income from blogging from home

Earning big income from a blog is not that easy task for everyone out there ,but still everyone of us makes rigorous and regular efforts in a hope that they would turn rewarding for us sometime in coming future .

So the question arises after making so much effort on your blog writing quality content ,SEO and cracking all the possible nuts does it pay you back what it should give.

The answer is Yes for many people it does pay back what you expect from your blog ,all it takes is a little bit time and some extra effort and not but least some tips and tricks to stand out of the crowd. But for many its difficult to reach the level of their desired earning from their blog.

So for NOW let me throw a question to you ,do you wanna earn in 6 figures monthly and even more??? like Pat Flynn,Jonn chow,Neil patel,Harsh agrawal and many more probloggers then you must read and inculcate the tips given below in your life because without them i bet you can't succeed to earn like them anytime soon.

So come on guys without a do lets take a look at some of the strategies and trending ways to earn big bucks right from your blog while lying on your sofa couch :):)

1. To earn money from your blog you need to get targeted traffic to your blog

Yes it is an indispensable fact that you need traffic for your blog to earn money which can help you to earn good money from ecpm ads etc,but here we are talking about targeted traffic,which means the traffic which is totally related to your website niche .

It helps you to capture the interest of people to get hooked to your site and become daily visitors, so when their after if you promote any affiliate ad related to your niche ,it has more chances of getting clicked and people usually end up buying a product from your blog which ultimately add up to your income source.

Also it helps to capture the interest of direct advertisers to advertise on your blog and pay you the right amount for making a appeal to your blog audience.

sponsored articles like reviews also comes for your site to boast your blog income.

For getting good targetted traffic you should read :

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2. For earning big money from your blog implement correct monetization technique on your blog which suits your audience 

Earning from blog can be easy as playing a Pacman game but only if you come up with suitable techniques for it .

Try to figure out what works best for your site .some times it happens that something that might be working for other bloggers to earn money may not work on your blog for some or the other reason . 
so go ahead try something new and strike the chord at the right place to see the incredible and desirable results filling you pocket with hefty cash.

Always remember the fact the blogging is all about learning new things ,implementing them with you and spreading it to people who may want it to know to get inspired by your success.
To monetize your blog you can use affiliate marketing,ecpm ads,popup ads,sponsored posts/reviews,CPA,sponsored content ads etc

Read this : earning big from a new blog

3. Build a brand value for your blog .It helps to boast your traffic,page views and ultimately sales and income.

Building a brand value for your blog helps you to come up with an authentic integrity about yourself among your readers.

It helps you to increase your dignity and your visitors tends to follow your words ,so if you recommend any product to them via your affiliate link,it has large possibility that they will buy that product giving you some affiliate income.
also it will attract more sponsors for your site for advertisement /sponsored posts ,and yes you may also be called by some conference organizers to speak at events to inspire people from your success stories and teach them some new interesting things 

Indeed it is an indispensable that weather you are a novice or expert in any field weather it may be blogging or any thing else, if you want to take advantage of web for earning money you need to create a brand value for yourself.

see it for your self like if your working on freelancer site ,selling something online,blogging or doing some other work online your brand value and trust value will definitely matter to your client ,customers etc before they get hooked with you into some business relationship .
please keep in mind some exceptions are always their.

4. Increase your web presence by getting more social profiles and back-links to increase traffic.

Web presence of your blog makes a big difference in getting success from your blog.
it helps you to get lot of visitors to your blog which ads value to blog 

Increase your web presence by getting more social profiles and back-links
Also it helps you to earn more money by sharing and promoting things to them or doing sponsored post on social profiles.
you can increase your social presence by building a facebook page,google+ account etc reddit,stumbleupon and Pinterest also drives in lot of traffic to your site.

build back links to increase your page ranks,alexa rank and ultimately web presence of your website.

 5. writing quality content  is very important element of blogging .

My friends don't just mess up with your post ,write something creative ,knowledgeable informative ,something that give answers to people queries ,something that add value to the persons life who read it and inspires him .
Before you publish your article think at least thrice to check weather you have done all the formatting in your post and written one of your best article.

Read this for your benefit :

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what to keep in mind while giving a title to blog posts

If you have expertise in any topic,you can start blogging.  Start writing compelling articles on your favorite topic in which you are master in your field. Once you develop your identity in your field,you can start writing the paid sponsored posts for other blog networks or on your blog as the sponsors will stat flowing to your blog. You can charge handsome amount from the network publishers.

6. Write with passion ,dedication and zeal to get their where you desire to reach.

My consideration for blogging success has always been that one must 
read to learn something new , Write to make people learn, Share to make impact of it on people .

Success is contagious ,so always share your success stories to inspire people to work hard in their upcoming venture ,which will indirect give success to them and fill your gratitude bank with good wishes and blessings for sharing your success stories and ultimately people will get hooked to your site by vising it regularly to help you make more money.

you must build a list of your site visitors to make use of it for promoting various things for their benefits and your benefit as an affiliate and of-course to share your articles and success stories to inspire can use a email list building software like aweber .

My friend you may believe it or not but in online world it is always said by experts that money is in the list .

Patience and hardwork are the 2 golden keys for online success ,it gives you endurance to cope up with adversities to get the best possible and creative output from yourselve.
once you written your article with full effort wait for sometime to see the results in your favor 

7. Be disciplined and regular

The first and foremost thing to do for getting started with your pro-blogger journey earning big is to stop procrastinating because it reduces your potential to earn money online and it is a thief of time .

Excuses cost a dime and that’s why the poor can afford lots of it.” 
– Rich Dad

Most of the  bloggers fantasize about becoming the next problogger and earning a 6 figure monthly income but only a handful of them comes up to work really for their goal and others are simply lazy just relaxing on their bed wondering themselves in the big mansions etc with their blogging incomes. they would prefer to surf the web reading income reports,seo trends etc than spending time to write quality articles.

Over the year observing the overlays of people working I have observed that people say that they are bust on internet doing many things to improve their blog income but still not reach upto the desired level. 

The fact is you need to figure out the things you need to do ,and the do it right away without any delays and later on relax yourself by watch a movie etc

so my point here is  you need to work hard ,not just waste your time to achieve your goals of earning big from your online blog

“Work hard now, so you can reap the benefits later.”

“Work hard now, so you can reap the benefits later.”

To become a problogger earning in 6 figures , you need to mange your online working time  of writing articles, networking, publishing guest posts, interacting with readers, etc. ,mind it ,i am talking about working time ,try to segregate it from other activites life surfing sites for fun ,chatting with friends etc 

We live by hope; but the Seed never becomes an Iroko tree by merely wishing.” – Anonymous

8. Be Realistic and work accordingly

While working for your online success and your blog ,its indeed a most important factor that you try to build a realistic approach in your mind to work and reach their where you aspire to reach in the online world of success .

Try to figure Out your priorities and work on them accordingly .Always set some small goal ,achieve them and move on to next bigger ones .

Its indispensable fact that you will definitely encounter with stepping stones to your success ,but yes don't get dishearten from your temporary set backs because later on sometime in coming future your Hard Work will reap sweet fruits for you .
eleanor roosevelt best quotes ever

Build a right mindset of earning for living.
if you had made your mind to take your blogging experience to next levels and earn big money from it than you need make some long term strategies for your blog and online business .

9. Spend right to earn bright

Spending money on right things at right time for right purpose in right quantity is the experts choice of business to get most out of it

--Tushar Grover

For earning some big money from your blog you need to lossen up your pockets little bit ,but mind it at the right things.

One of the problems bloggers face is that of budget allocation. i regularly see many novice bloggers invest money without looking at its long term prospectives which makes them end up throwing their money on frivolous things ,rather than some quality items suitable for them. 

Now days i find many forums filled with people talking about the fastest software,beautiful site themes and plugins. The fact is that these things will not be able to work for your you until you have made the right choice for and you are utilizing its potential to its maximum in right way . 

so here the catch is ,Stop spending money on little frivolous things of no use,rather spend money like a problogger and next entrepreneur to get the maximum benefit from your your hard earned money because 

if you are not satisfied with what you spent your money on,then you won't be able to cherish it . 

If a tool/service is not working to increase your profit or efficiency in any way to handle the things then all you need to do is forget about it and invest in the other important things that matter to you and your blog.

10. Think that you can achieve it the way you want it

As a matter of fact what I have learnt from my past experiences and the legendary hero's who made their dreams come true is that which could be summed up with this quote 

"what ever you think becomes your future,no matter right or wrong,good or bad it persists."
                                                               ---Tushar grover(step towards acme)

If you thing that you are a pro-blogger than no one stop form being so.

so conceive your success in right way to lead your path of success to acme

warren buffett best quotes

For Leading Your Path Of Success To Acme Read My Book: 

Thankyou :)

Happy Blogging !!!

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