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Tips to save our social media money through debt consolidation

The popularity of social media sites has gone all leaps and bounds. These sites really help in saving good money and time while you have fun on these sites. The social media sites really help in saving money taking even the ideas from the old time concept called debt consolidation. These sites are effective matchmaking systems, which help you save money that can be used for anything you want. This is the reason why social media sites are turning a big bit and more and more people are seen joining the social media bandwagon in order to save the money. As per experts, the social networking simply streamlines the money saving procedures.

 So, before you lose your patience, how about checking the top tips to save our social media money through debt consolidation in the following paragraphs:

Peer To Peer Lending

There are number of peer to peer sites that are linked to social media sites. These help in the borrowers to save money on things like interest rates by simply slashing down the middleman, who is often, are the banks. As per experts, all these sites do often create a booming sector, which slated to escalate by 800 percent this current year to 5.8 billons of dollar for loans. All these loans are basically personal, credit card and other types of loans. 

For instance, if you have banks as the middleman you are bound to pay around 8 percent more on the interest rate, which in case reduced when you go via the peer to peer lending sites using the social media platforms. By shelling out this amount you simply end up bringing down the money to a great extent.

Keep a track on your spending methods

Keeping a track over your spending is important if you really want to save money and get rid of the debts. Luckily you have a number of tools and applications over the social media sites, which help in monitoring your spending expenses along with giving alerts once you exceed your said limits.

 For instance, the tool or application called TweeetWhatYouSpend can help you to enter the number of amounts you have spent so far via your smartphone or PC. All you need is to download this application from the site with the same name ( it helps in organising your expenditure along with showcasing the necessary reports and other stuff, which at the end of the day curb your spending habits to a great extent.

Get advice on saving and other financial stuff
You can find a number of resources, applications, tools and software programs on the social media sites, which disseminate a number of advice and suggestions to save money and carry out a couple of other things pertaining to financial thing. 
You can find almost all the veteran money experts dolling out on a daily basis with the required money tips over the popular social media sites on Facebook and Twitter. All you need to do is to find them over these sites and follow the tips and tricks to save money via the idea of debt consolidation process.

Reach to your money goals
There are sites and a couple of online banking services, which helps friends and family to contribute in meeting up your financial goals. You could be dreaming to go for a family vacation at any tropical destination or you might be desperate to have a new car. 
With so many resources in the form of software application and other stuff you find them over the social media sites like Twitter of Facebook, you can end up reaching out to your money goals. You can certainly share all your requirements over these sites, which can allow getting help from various nooks and corner of these sites.

Check for your savings
There are several applications like the free of cost foursquare smartphone application, which help in garnering a couple of retailer and dining establishments discount deals for you. All these details come straight at your phone device once you keep on checking it using the application. 

This will help you in knowing where to shop and where to dine so that you end up saving your money. The more you use this software application the more you remain updated and find out opportunities to save money at the end of the day. 

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