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top 11 killer ways to build genuine backlinks for your website

If you are reading this then i can bet that you are blogger,webmaster,publisher or internet marketer ,isn't it and i think i am not wrong about my assumptions.

As a matter of fact the main source of traffic for every website is search engines like google leaving aside few exceptions ,so in the current world of stiff competitions with rivals in same niches its become very difficult to get the right amount of traffic to your site.

To get traffic directly to your site you need to become an authority in your niche for which it just take some time to reach at that level.
so till the time you reach that level ,you need to rely on the search engine to get traffic for which , what it takes is backlinks to get your website get higher serp and traffic ,don't take my word other wise as we all know content is the king and their is no substitute for it ,because if you are thinking of higher serp with huge backinks count for site with poor quality content than its just not possible .

so come on without a do let take a look at the most sought after and killer  ways for building genuine backlinks for yours site exclusively brought to you by to satisfy your quest of building quality back-links for your site .


The best way to gain some exposure on internet and increase your back-link density is to go on commenting on some popular and high PR sites which links back to your site.
I prefer sites which are related to your sites niche and some other news sites for commenting ,as you will also get good amount of traffic back to your sites from these comments because some targeted audience on that site read's your great comment on the site and then might become interested in visiting your website for great content and your great knoweldge.

This really works well ,so definitely its worth a try for back-link building.

and one more advice ,don't try to over exploit the website by commenting in very large number on same site,for back-link building 1 or 2 comments are more than enough for one site. 

Also if your sole purpose is to build a backlink on a website ,then try to chose the page which has high authority and less number of out going links ,from which i mean less number of comments with links etc ,as it will help your site to get more link juice from that site . 

2. Social Profiles

Social profiles also plays a great role in building backlinks for your website and blogs .
Make a professional profile of your website on all major social networks like Fb pages,Google+,twitter,pinterest,stumble upon,Digg,Reddit etc and link them back to your site.i It will not only give you handful of quality backlinks but also will build brand value for your site and of-course you will be getting huge traffic if you managed to build a great fan following over the period of time . 

These links are good links coming from high domain authority sites ,so they will never get penalized by google .
Just a piece of advice...

Always write and share some quality content which is worth sharing with people as it will make your content go viral on social networks if the luck is with your quality content which will drive insanely large traffic to your site .

Try to build as much social profiles as you can ,because more the number of profiles more will be the high authority link juice pointed towards your site .
You can use onlywire to manage your social profiles effectively.

3. Guest Posting

You can also go for guest posting on some high ranking sites in your niche which allows guest post to get 1 or 2 backlinks from their site to yours. 

write a quality article related to the content of the site on which you want to submit and ofcourse chose a site which is related o your niche and include 1-2 links in your articles of your website and submit.

Once the article gets published ,you get the active backlinks to your site.

4. Submit to Directories

In the world of seo while thinking of back-linking ,some of the experts may say that directories are the thing of past ,but the truth is that they can still work wonders for your site ,as who may not want to get a backlink from a ancient domain of a directory to your site which could be worth more than hundreds of other back-link you make on low quality PR 1 site. 

So yes it could be a asset in your backlink portfolio to get a link from some famous directories like R-TT Directory,So Much,Directory World,All The Websites,MavicaNET etc which could be worth your effort.

5. Submit Your Site to Website Feedback Sites

One of the other way to get a back links along with a great feedback guidance to make your site better is to submit it on website feedback sites which provides you both feedback and back-link . All you need to do is submit your site with a little description of how you want to improve your website or blog .
There are many sites for Website Feedback ,some are given as follows

6. Make infographics

Now days info-graphics are on on high rise ,and i can bet it that everyone in the world of seo and link building knows about the advantages of info graphics .

They not only provides great information about the topic in creative way but also helps us in building backlinks across the web on various great sites. 
Generally in the current context of reference with various peoples and webmasters ,i have seen that very few are willing to take the advantage of info graphics ,in-spite of the fact that its one of the most easy way to get back-links because they find it hard to build their info graphics or many other reasons but the fact is ,its not the way to deal with infographics while link building with having these kind of purely wrong assumptions in your mind.
There is a way out to your problem,you can get your infographics made on the topic of your choice at a very cheap price from freelancing services like Odesk or Elance etc for a decent price with creative design,and yes if u are not willing to spend the money on getting it made then surely u can try it for yourself by using tools like Piktochart etc
once you get it made ,then you need to spread the word about it across the web.
1. Your first step is to submit it to various good info-graphic sharing sites like 
2. Reach out to bloggers 

The next way to promote it to get backlinks is that you can reach out to bloggers in your niche and offer them the infographic as a guest post and just ask them to give a link back to your site at the end of the post. 
To increase the chances of getting your infographics accepted by bloggers ,you need to tell them that you’ll write a unique introduction description about the info graphics for their site if they want .
This formula of building infographics really works like a charm in the white hat world of seo .so mark my words ,definitely its worth the try to build a infographics to get good backlinks in quality and quantity .

one of my friend literally got 100+ high PR backlinks from related sites in his niche from a single quality infographic and following the 2 points given above .

7. Review products on e-stores

You can also review some great products related to your niche which you may have used personally, on the e-stores which sell these products like amazon etc and give a link back to your site in the short review on e-store and then on your site you can right a full review ,in this way you will get a quality back-link from a high pr site and also get traffic on your site from these sites .
they are helpful in link building

8. Help a Reporter

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is one of best ways to get killer back-links from authority news sites from across the web and across the world.
Here’s how HARO works: 
1. Sign Up To HARO as a source here.
2. You’ll get three emails per day from reporters looking for sources .
3. Respond with your details and some helpful tips ,your site links etc .
You give your reporter a tailored and positive response for his query and they’ll hook you up with a link you want ,in the article.
Its basic package is free ,so you can definitely ,give it a try to boast your sites link portfolio across the web on some of the high ranking and authority sites 
9. Submit to genuine backlink building sites

You can also submit your site to some of the sites which provides quality backlinks for increasing  your web presence .
The links you get from these sites are from site like rank checker,seo checkers,website worth analysis etc.

These links are not bad links ,just that they are low quality links which helps you to get indexed fast in search engines also adds some high quality links to your backlink portfolio as all links are not low quality.
some of these sites includes,IMTALK etc.

10. Answer out questions to people's query on High PR forums

One another way to build back-links on high PR sites is that u need to answer to people's query .
Answer the questions that people ask and give a link of your website in the answer or description to get a backlink . you can give answer to people queries on forums and sites like yahoo answers ,Quora etc to get backlinks to your blog .

11. Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are in trend now days as they give us a great way to get high quality backlinks on a great site from other authority site on internet at very less cost . In this you can ask a site author/publisher to write a sponsored article about your products or site and give a link to your site in the article for which he might charge you a sponsorship fees for article. 

The fees of sponsored post various differently on different sites and increases as you may approach to higher authority site in a particular niche with high PG and very large number of visitor for a sponsored post,but mind it you can always negotiate the price .
Its a great way to build back-link ,so if you have some extra money for your site seo services then definitely go for building back-links by getting some sponsored posts written for you .

Bonus Link Building Strategies exclusively for Our Loyal Readers 

12. Home page links

They are the links acquired from good and high authority sites from their main home page like from their footer,website side bar,navigation menu bar ,header etc .
To get them all you have to do is directly contact the website owner of the website from which you want the link for which you can use a contact form ,email etc .
then you have to ask for the link to your site .these generally comes with price ,because no one would be willing to pass his website juice to another website for free ,so to get them you have to pay depending on the authority of website from which you are taking link .
you can negotiate the prices from the buyer on monthly or yearly basis to get a good deals for getting high quality link juice .

13. Authority Links

Authority links can be proved really powerful links for your links boasting your  ranking in google in few days to top pages but only if taken from quality and high authority sites .
Authority sites are those sites which possess high authority in their respected niche like News sites like HuffingtonPost,Tech sites like Engadget,gizmodo etc To get links from these sites all your have do is contact them to write articles from them and link in article to your site ,if they accept its fine not you can offer them money or take help of HARO as i have talked about it 8th point above . 

14. Tiered Link Building

Tiered Link Building is a complete Process with 3 -4-5 Tier system According to your requirement for making Tiered links to your main site in the form of Tiers like tier 1 then tier 2 etc which many people also call as link pyramids ,link wheels etc .
each tier contains different types of links ranging from best and high authority links in tier one which directly link to your site in small numbers to irrelevant links in last tier in thousands of number which do not directly link to your site .

15. PBN Links

They are the holy Grail of ranking any site within short amount time when combined with other good strategies .
They are obtained By forming PBN's with adequate number of blogs in each Private Blog Network (PBN).

16. Broken Link building
Its a awesome method which is used by less number of people ,but i like it a lot because while using this you tend to get good authority contextual links with real link juice at free ,as it only cost you some time for research of finding broken link and then outreach .

In this what we do is we find broken links on various sites in our niche via using tools such as semrush ,ahrefs and many more which you can find on google and then approach the owner of the site to replace the broken link with your site link of relevant article ,if your site doesn't have article then try to put it first and then contact over an email to get it replaced,majority of times the website owner will replace it for free because no one wants broken link in their website and you will get good benefit from it in long run

17. High Authority edu,gov etc links 

These kinds of links can really do wonders ,if you get them because getting them is not that easy ,as we all know that these are gov and edu sites who doesn't gives links to link builders like us .
but an easy way to get contextual or sitewide etc type of links from these sites is that you can do a charity on their site and ask for links in return and most of the time ,if the person on the other side is good and and your charity amount is good ,you can get a deal and their after sit and relax to see the rankings boast in serp in few days 

18. niche edits

you can find relevant websites and articles related to your topics and niche and then ask the webmaster of that website by contacting them to place your website link in the article in exchange of some money to get good quality and relevant backlink for better ranking. try to go for links from pages which have best topical relevance and highest quality links pointing to them and they don't have more than 3-4 outbound links.

You can use sites like FiverrSeoclerk for buying many kinds of links like home page links,authority links,Pbn links,Tired Link Building etc for your site at cheap rates .
But let me Remind You Not all good things comes for cheap:):)

Depending on the type of site's you are building you would be required to use different strategies for link building and ranking ,so choose them wisely and work on it to get your desired ranking.

So come on guys ,don't waste your time searching for some creepy ways to build back-links for your website in this vast arena of internet as you will be lost in deadly forest of black hat link building world which might not take your website on the desired path of success ,just try out the techniques given above in this post to see the miracle happen and your back-link count will increase like anything because all the above techniques are tested to work out genuinely for every great site with quality content .

And yes don't forget to share your results and success stories with us after trying the above techniques for your great site. 

Cheers !!! 
To Your Success In Online Arena :):):)

Happy Blogging :):)


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