Friday, August 1, 2014

ChargeAll : charge anything anywhere

ChargeAll : portable super charger with 18000 mAh capacity

Here comes another great portable charger with 18000 mAh capacity and AC wall plug outlet to take over the problem of charging in different difficult times when your devices are running out of juice.

You may have seen and also would have a portable charger then whats the need of this one,then here lies your answer, this charger comes with AC wall plug outlet which can not only charge your laptops and mobiles but also would be able to charge portable fans etc .

so come on lets take a look at this amazing charger features and specs before your go and buy it on indigogo before it is launched in market.

For the current time being its only available on indigogo as its innovators want to funds for its mass production ,so if you want to support them to bring this device to market then just go to indigogo and pledge a donation for this .your $99 donation will enable you to get this innovative charger before its out in market .

This charger can charge many items and is compatible with all devices ,some are given below

ChargeAll : portable super charger with big power

This charger has big power to charge many devices many times ,so a brief chart depicting its power with different devices is given below

ChargeAll : portable super charger with 18000 mAh capacity

It comes in 2 sizes 12000 mAh and 18000 mAh ,you can buy as per your need and budget.

ChargeAll : portable super charger with ac wall oulet


For now its only available indigogo available at a price point of $99 for 12000mAh capacity charger and $139 for 18000 mAh capacity charger.

These prices will be raised when its available in market after launch ,so its better to buy it now if you want no more portable power on the go to keep your devices juiced up all the time.

To know more and buy now go to indigogo  

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