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top 10 best plagiarism checkers

Hi friends here comes top 10 best plagiarism checkers on internet which are not only fast and easy to use but also free to use except some .

So if you are looking for some great and effective plagiarism checkers to make your content copy free then try one of these to check for your contents copy on internet and then eliminate the copy content from the web by throwing a Dmca notice to that very site which copied your content .

1. PlagiarismCheck

This is a great online plagiarism checker .it accepts huge variety of file formats for checkering and give good and accurate report .Their is no limit to no of files to check .all you need to do is go to the site ,sign up and start checking your content for plagiarism .

2. SmallSEOTools

This site provides a wide range of  seo services including plagiarism checking. some of the most used tools on this site includes article rewriter tool , link tracker, search engine pingler, backlink maker and Google page rank checker etc. on this site is fast and free but basic . You will get to see some text in red color if it finds copied content from your website on internet, which will help you to easily figure out the amount of copied content on your websites and on the web.

3. SearchEngineReports

This is a great site to check your text .its fast and easy to work with, all you have to do is to paste your content in the text box to check it for plagiarism . after copying the text ,enter the domain name that you want to check for copied content. this fast yet easy to use tool will then show you the copied contents along with the ranking for the particular keywords from across the web. 

4. Tuition

This site is a fast 
plagiarism checker for English language available for free to everyone without any limits .so you can definitely give it a try for sure to see the results .

5. Plagium

Plagium is yet another plagiarism checker that is free to use . to check the copy content, all You need to do is enter the copy of the content that you want to check in the text box and then see the desired results. one of the great features about this site is that ,it gives liberty to check your content not only on web but also on social media sites like Facebook, twitter etc including news sites etc to find out copies of your content.

6. Plagiarism Checker

This site is especially beneficial to various generations authors and teachers/lecturers. At this site, you could check out  many documents, web page, handouts and articles  and many more content items for duplicates on web and then report any plagiarism detected immediately. 
but theirs one catch with it that this Plagiarism Checker doesn't come free. 

7. DoMyPapers checker
If you are looking for a good quality plagiarism checker to find out the uniqueness of article or your paper then its for you .One of the most suitable free plagiarism checker for students is available online https://domypapers.com/check-paper-for-plagiarism.html .Its free for use for upto 5 documents per month to know if your paper is copied or not and not to forget that if you get a quality paper service from them you will get 100 free checks per month ,isn't that great . so go ahead and check it out if want something good for free .

8. DupliChecker.com

Duplichecker is a copy content checker that really performs a to your needs whenever you need it.its a fast and handy tool which is free to use for all but comes with a limitation of maximum words i.e you can only check 1500 at a time. 

This checker can scan your content can check its copies for almost more than 20 languages and guess what its free to use.
so go ahead and try it out to see whether it gives accurate results or not .

10. Copyscape

Its a great and widely used copy checker on internet.all you need to do is Just enter the URL of the site on which you want to search content for and then you will be amazed to see the accurate results. You can also use Siteliner tool by copyscape to scan all of the pages on a particular websites to see whether someone had copied the contents or not.this amazing tool will show you all the URL’s with the percentage of copied content words that are found similar on other websites. This can help you to remove the redundant content from your website or blog.
You can also use some great banners from Copyscape to warn people from stealing contents from your website.banners are available on their website.


Here comes the bonus for reading this amazing post about plagiarism checker and making your content copy proof for a bright future of your website/blog and research papers 

11. checkforplagiarism

It is a great checker for all kind of content from across the web.its a paid service with most accurate results and gives you various packages and offers to buy for different people like students ,educators and researchers .
so go ahead ,if non of those given above services charms you to give good results then this would definitely make you feel happy.

12. Dustball

Its a plagiarism checker which gives good results and does quick scan but if you want some advanced results with deep insight then you go premium with its $8 monthly plan .its basic plan is free to use for all but with daily limits .

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