Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ways to Convert a PDF image JPEG file to a Word Document

The MS Word is an incredible software tool, which helps you work with content of different size and formats. It also helps you to use number images from clip art collection, different files, and other apps and even from your scanner. 

You have the option of converting any current or new scans over the word document using MS office document imaging, which is basically an application that come along with the MS Office XP via the office 2007. 

It helps in recognizing any kind of text, which is found in the scanned image and thus helps in sending you the scanned file over the word file. If you find the scanned image including any text, you have the option of converting into the editable text. 

The MS office Document Imaging commonly called as MDI or the TIFF formats helps in converting into the word document. Well, let’s check some of the ways to concert the PDF image into JPEG file over the Word Document as under:

In the very first step, you are supposed to start the button found over the Windows by simply clicking over the Programs and then you need to go to MS Office Tools and finally over to the MDI (Ms Office Document Imaging).

Now, you are supposed to choose the File and then open it over the menu of MDI followed by navigating it over the scanned image and then click over the Open dialog box followed by double clicking it over the same wherein you can find the programs being loading out there.

Now, you are supposed to check or choose the option called Tools and the other one called Send Text to the Word Option from the said menu. On doing this, you would see the dialog box called Send Text to Word would be appearing soon. Here, you are required to select All Pages and click over the option called Maintain pictures in output under the option called Layout Options.

Now, you are required to change or accept the same from the default folder wherein the files has to be saved. In order to change the default, you are required to click over the button called Browse. Then choose the folder wherein you would require the files to get things saved over the dialog box called Browse for Folder wherein you are supposed to click over the button called OK, which would eventually would close the Send Text to Word Dialog Box. 

Now, you are required to click over the button called Okay, which would further going to help the MDI software to recognize any kind of text found over the scanned image. This is where you would be directed to Microsoft Word. Lastly, you would be required to click over the MS Office Button found in the Word File along with choosing the option called Save As. 

Now you are required to select the Word Document for the option called Save as Type, which is seen at the bottom side of the dialog box. This is where you are required to enter your file name followed by clicking it over the option called Save, which will eventually would give you the option to do the needful.

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