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5 ways to boost your self-confidence and to stay in control in difficult situations

Do you sometimes feel that you are losing it? When under stress and turmoil all you can look up is of failing and then it leads to subsequent failure and despair. You probably need to breathe easy and calm down. Yes, we cannot control every situation in our life but with a certain amount of essential skills from our side; we can easily calm down and view life form a better perspective. These are not regular time consuming exercises. Some of them are just little lifestyle changes that won’t take you the slightest of efforts.

Write it down- whenever you feel you are losing track of any situation and feeling distraught, do grab a pen and make a flowchart of things to do. For people with an exam nearby, make lists of things to study and then time allotted to each of it. For people with assignments and deadlines, divide the work in various groups and write them down in points. You will find that this will help you being in control of the situation as a whole. Remember, it’s not always essential that you stick to them but a mere feeling of knowing the entire steps involved gives one a valuable sense of calm.

Boost up your self-confidence-Try thinking about the positive qualities you have, your skills, your plus points, the good things people say about you. I am not asking you to take  a narcissist trip down the wonderland when you are the queen with subjects under you, but a realistic reiteration of your own creativity and ability and plus points. They are sure to instil a certain sense of self-confidence and good feeling about your own self and blow away all the negative thoughts.

Lifestyle choices-I know this one sounds a bit cliché, but there is really no alternative to a healthy balanced lifestyle.  No drastic measures like cutting down on the food you like, or reducing your time of partying or alcohol. But simple effective steps like sleeping well before a hard day’s work, limited alcohol, and moderate amount of semi-spicy food. Different people have different appetites and tastes but a certain common diet that won’t leave you sick and won’t have any long term effects on your body should be followed by all. A good night of sleep and balanced diet can surprise you with the amount of good feeling and positive energy that will fill you up with.

Take breaks-It’s also very necessary to dissociate yourself totally from your work once in a while. One needs to stay away from work after certain intervals. One can go on a trip, shut down the phone and just relax. Remember, we can only appreciate work when we can appreciate breaks. These things work in tandem and if you are not balancing out things in the right proportion, there is a high chance that work will overpower you. Absolutely refuse to work in vacations, don’t bring work to housing place, spend time with your family and loved ones. Breathe deep and take it easy.

Live your life-Finally remember, it is your life and only you decide how you live it. We feel the most helpless when we are lost and feel we have no control over our own lives. Remember, whatever what you decide to spend your life, you should feel that you are in charge of it. It might be hectic and busy but that might come from your own choice. if one feels the master of one self, one can very easily relax in any circumstances.

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