Tuesday, August 22, 2023

top 12 websites for earning money from twitter account

hello friends here comes the best Websites and resources for earning money from your twitter account 
and excelling in twitter world exclusively for you.

so come on without a do lets droll over the list of amazing websites given below which would add lots of money in your pocket by using your twitter accounts to make you star in social media world

1. Izea.com
It’s a social marketplace which connects publishers and influencers like you to the world most famous advertisers to get the best sponsored tweets for you with decent money .

You will get the best deals and sponsored post for your account and also they are good pay master .

Sign Up Now here: izea.com

2. Adly

It’s another great sponsored post website which helps you to get the best sponsored post with good money offer for the tweets because they have very high quality advertisers ,but to get accepted you need to show them that you have good amount of followers with regular engagement with them .

Go To adly.com to join and know more

3. Social reactor

Its for real influencer with huge amount of followers and serious twitter users to earn money from their twitter profile. if you are accepted in their network then you will be getting good offers for your account regularly.

Go To socialreactor.com to join and know more

4. kwerdo.com

It’s a website which helps you to earn from promoting tweets ,but it works on payperclick model i.e you will get paid per click you receive on the shared link. according to their claims you can earn upto $0.85 per valid click.

I thinks it’s not that bad to try this network , if your profile has lot of engagement you can see the passive revenue from your twitter account flow in your pocket easily just by sharing a tweet. 

Sign Up Now here: kwerdo.com

5. amazon associates

It’s an affiliate service in which you can promote anything from amazon.com by sharing the links on your twitter profile and if anyone buys anything after clicking your sponsored link from amazon.com within 24 hours of clicking the link then you will get paid some commission for referring the person to amazon

Sign Up Now here: amazon.com

6. Clickbank

It’s a affiliate market place to promote only digital products .you can pick up products according to your accounts niche and you will get the products links to promote it on your twitter account. if someone buys from your link then you get some preety good commission.

You can definitely try this out if you like affiliate marketing

Sign Up Now here: clickbank.com

7. Paidpertweet.com

Get paid to create buzz for companies! You can set your price to Tweet website links, press releases, products promos, services, and companies and help companies gain exposure. PaidPerTweet allows you to monetize your social network accounts.

You can really make good amount of money from your twitter account from this website if you lot of followers, otherwise also it works good to get you some decent income in long run .

Sign Up Now here: paidpertweet.com

8. fiverr.com

It’s a one of the most popular freelancer site to sell your digital services .you can use this website with your tweeter account to sell services like paid sponsored tweets directly, sell retweets services ,design tweeter account banner for other people etc also you can sell twitter followers by getting them from like4like and addmefast for other account and get paid . it is a great service which is used by lots of people, so you can earn money from it easily.

The main advantage of this is everything on this sites sells for a basic price of $5 which helps to get loads of order, you can also increase your price by giving ad-ons etc

Sign Up Now here: fiverr.com

9. Seoclerk

Its an another alternative to fiverr with no price constraints of $5 along with huge market for these kind of amazing services ,you can definitely try this out to get the best orders at your desired price for your twitter account services like paid tweet on your account and retweets etc. 

Sign Up Now here: Seoclerk.com

10. Peopleperhour

Peopleperhour is also an freelance service which has much less competition and much larger market because it is newly opened so you can register here to get more orders each day for your amazing twitter services easily which will help you to earn more revenue from your twitter account 

Sign Up Now here: peopleperhour.com

11. Buysellads

Buysellads is a market place to sell your website advertisement to advertisers but now it also accepts twitter accounts for sponsored tweets .you can apply to them with username.buysellads.com as a website to get your twitter account approved for advertisers. they give you 75% of the total amount you earn via sponsored tweet.

It has lot of potential advertisers, so you can try your luck to get your twitter account approved with them.

Know more about buysellads here

12. Revtwt

It is a Twitter-based advertising service and is a pay-per-click platform. The more followers you have and the higher reputation you have, the greater access you will have to higher-paying campaigns. Payout is made via Paypal when you have reached $20 in earnings.

Know more here RevTwt

I hope you enjoyed this piece of information to get started with earning from your twitter account.

I will update this list whenever there is a new and good way to earn from your twitter account in future .

Happy Earning:):)


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