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10 most exclusive Blog post sharing locations

With the advent of smart CMS (Content Management System) tools like the Wordpress, writing and posting Blogs has become very easy. Even my mum will know how to do it; it’s no more a rocket science. But take a while to imagine the entire space of the internet, which is almost like a universe and your blog as just a tiny dot in it. You could compare your blog with a distant, small and insignificant planet existing in a universe like internet. What do you think are the chances that someone will notice your blog or land on it by chance or accident? I guess not even 1 in a billion. After all we haven’t managed to find aliens either. Keeping jokes apart, it can be easily inferred that writing a blog is one thing and getting it noticed is another.

10 most exclusive Blog post sharing locationsMost bloggers in a hurry to promote their blog try to take the easiest route and start showcasing their blog on Facebook and Twitter, the two of the most common and popular social networks online. The process involves sharing blog posts on these networks to gain popularity and increase traffic .But being common and popular also means more competition. There are hundreds of bloggers queued up already like you. But don’t you think that you as blogger should take the initiative to break the shackles of conventional ideas and start thinking out of the box? Facebook and twitter are there, but then they are not the only one’s there. Other social networks also get a fair share of traffic. Aren’t you missing out on that viewership? Let us look at a few exclusive social networks that can provide you potential viewers, as sometimes being unconventional can pay. By exclusive I mean to say that each network mentioned in this list is special in one way or another.

1.       LinkedIn: The first name that comes to my mind while naming social networks after Facebook and Twitter is LinkedIn. Simply pronounced as “Link-ed-in”. A very popular social network especially with the working professionals and business class. It is the ideal hangout for salaried as well as self employed people and less popular amongst teenagers. LinkedIn is best suitable for bloggers whose target viewers fall in this category.

2.       Instagram: This is the second name that comes to my mind after LinkedIn. Also a very popular social network. I am sure you must have heard this name or come across it in some newspaper or magazine. It happens to be very popular amongst the elite class. A popular hangout of celebrities, TV and Movie stars and even the young teenagers. It is basically a visual sharing site.

3.       Pinterest: A network quite similar in nature to Instagram as this too is a visual sharing sight. Allows user to share their images. Just add a picture related to your blog and paste the link, and you job is done.

4.       Slide Share: Allows you to display a slide show of your blog, which can be prepared by PowerPoint.  It is a very effective network as offers very less competition. Quality content displayed in a slide show format is a visual treat.

5.      Google+ communities: Another powerful tool. Pick and choose the desired Google+ community and post your content. Be sure to relevant and unique. Another benefit of using Google+ is that Google indexes Google+ update, and the chances of your blog being listed increase.

6.       BizSugar: A social network dedicated to small businesses. If your blog is anyway related to small businesses, then this is the place for you to be.

7.       Triberr: Can prove to be an excellent choice. The uniqueness of this social network is that it helps you in connecting with other bloggers and sharing their content. A massive traffic builder. All you have to do is to join one of the tribes on the network .

8. The only place where inquisitive users head in search on new content is But it only let down is that it is a paid network with a steep price.

9. Can be a great platform for creating visual content and providing communities for sharing it.

10.   Blog Engage: It is a blog sharing site which allows you to publish your blog post on a wide variety of topics for others to read .

Author Bio: Anna Brown who works as SMOspecialists in Xperts Infosoft has a vast experience in the field of Digital marketing, which has enabled her to gain specialization in the fields of SEO Technology, enabling business to increase traffic, boost user acquisition thus resulting in growth of sales and revenue. You can follow her on Twitter and can catch her on Facebook.


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