Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Android Tools To Boost Performance and Privacy

Android OS based devices like smart phones and tablets are being used by millions of people across the globe nowadays. While using these devices offers you a number of benefits it is also important to ensure that your data remains safe from prying eyes and miscreants. 

For this, you need to pick the right type of Android security apps. These apps offer suitable options to safeguard your data and enhance Smartphone usage experience by several notches .

Data Locking and Security

You should ideally pick an app that offers comprehensive ways to enhance data safety in your Android device. This is because the data you store in your Smartphone or tablet can be leaked or compromised in more than one way. Apps like LEO Privacy Guard V3 offer multiple options to safeguard your content. You may even safeguard personal information, images, and videos by creating a hidden folder in the device using such apps.The app you choose should have data locking and password protection feature. 

This ensures you can keep content like Facebook messages, WhatsApp updates and similar app protected from access by others. If you think your colleagues can be sneaky or there is an overtly curious teenager at home, password protection is a good defense! It is even better if the app comes with two step password protection for accessing data or other apps. Like the PCs, smart phones can also be subjected to various security threats nowadays. So, it is essential that your privacy app comes with smart security scan feature. That way it can be used to find out vulnerabilities in your device.

Network Security and Theft Protection

You may use both cellular network and Wi-Fi to access web from your device. However, it is not prudent to overlook security aspect when using public Wi-Fi hotspots! With such Wi-Fi zones becoming prevalent with time, people feel the urge to access the networks on the move. Your smartphone’s security app should have robust Wi-Fi network security features. This will ensure your device safety is not compromised while accessing public Wi-Fi networks. 

Despite taking the best precautions, sometimes you may end up losing your Smartphone. Thankfully, present generation Smartphone security apps have inbuilt anti-theft tools that can come in handy in such pesky situations. With such features, you can then lock data- making it impossible for the thief to access it. It is also possible to track location of your stolen device remotely. The front camera of the phone can be used to fetch images of the person entering the wrong password.

Performance Boost

Many Android devices owners complain about device becoming slow after regular usage. This can happen owing to reasons like junk data piling up, cache buildup and storage getting clogged with duplicated content. The top notch Android Security tools like LEO Privacy Guard V3 also come with a performance boost feature.

you can also increase your android device battery performance by using download Yellow battery app

It serves literally as icing on the cake. Ideally, you should look for tools with one tap performance boost and option to check for signs of sluggishness at intervals. 

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