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Know the Features of Apple’s IPhone 7 Plus

The WWDC is set to take place in San Francisco. As a result, there are only a few months until Apple unveils its new iPhone. This device is expected to run on the iOS 10, which is the company’s latest OS having lots of amazing apps like facetime for pc ,imessage ,icloud and many more. Up to now, the company has yet to confirm anything officially. However, all indications are that this phone is going to have some superb specs. Until June arrives, industry insiders can only speculate on what will make it into the final device.

Biggest Rumor
It will have a pair of cameras at the back. However, no one is sure why Apple would decide to include such an awkward feature. In recent months, there has been speculation that the company has decided against the decision. If the company does go ahead and install two cameras, they will also have to upgrade the RAM to 3GB. This will enable the phone to handle better the complex image processing that would come with such a camera set up.

The rumor is fueled by the fact that Apple recently purchased an advanced image-processing algorithm from an Israel company. The company, known as Linx Imaging has developed an algorithm that enables it to get a single image using a pair of cameras. This is an essential attempt to mimic the human eye. There is also speculation that Apple is not leaving anything to chance; the iPhone could come in another variation that only uses one camera.

Body, Shape, and Size
As with last year’s release of the iPhone6 Plus, this device is expected to feature a 5.5-inch screen. Besides that, the company is expected to alter the physical exterior minimally. One of the areas that Apple may change is the protrusion of the camera. It is rumored that the new iPhone will have a camera that is less pronounced on the surface of the phone.

Also, the company has apparently gotten rid of antennae bands on the back of the phone. This will be the biggest change to the design of the new iPhone if it is confirmed. However, the antennae bands to the sides, top, and bottom are expected to stay put.

Thickness of the Phone
The rumor mill has it that Apple is planning to produce its slimmest phone so far. However, the iPhones are already quite slim. In fact, it is almost impossible to slim it down further without making a major change to the components.
Most industry experts speculate that the only way Apple can do this is if they eliminate the headphone jack. For many years now, there has been speculation that the company was planning to get rid of their headphone jack. This would allow designers more room to design a slimmer phone.

If this is true, this might be the biggest change so far. To use earphones, iPhone owners would have to use the Lightning port. Also, people would have to purchase wireless earphones if they want to use their device to listen to music.

If speculations are to be confirmed, the new phone will come with 256 GB of storage space. However, it is important to note that Apple does not offer this kind of storage on any of its other devices. If it turns out to be true, this will be quite revolutionary.

A Wireless Charger
If the company plans to use the Lighting port for earphones, this will mean phone users cannot charge their phone while listening to music. As a result, speculation is rife that their new device will offer wireless charging. The company is already conducting research into wireless charging. However, the technology is yet to be developed fully. As a result, it may only appear in devices from the year 2017 onwards.

Other Features
The company is rumored that it will introduce a bigger battery on the iPhone 7Plus. This rumor is supported by the fact that Apple plans to improve EMI on its devices. This will enable it to place the chips closer together, thus creating more room for a bigger battery.

The company is also working to improve on its display. However, this new phone is unlikely to feature AMOLED technology. This was one of the downsides to last year’s iPhone 6. The company is expected to make the display clearer and less prone to glare from the sun.

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The company has been quite busy in the recent past. It is expected that they will bring forth something truly wonderful. After suffering a slight slump in profits a while back, they are expected to bring something to consumers that can grow their profitability.


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