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TOP 10 Online Proofreading Tools for Error-Free Writing

Everyone knows that there is no bad text, there are writers who do not know how to check their writing to polish it and make it perfect. If you have ever noticed that you make mistakes in your texts and your clients are always dissatisfied with the results or if you write from time to time and do not actually remember all those rules, you need to check out these 10 proofreading tools that can make any text shine.

1. Grammarly

This is the app that everyone would recommend you. Quick and easy to use, it has everything to check your writing, starting from the basic grammar check and up to advanced proofreading tool where you get feedback on what to change in your text to get a perfect piece of writing.

2. Ginger

It’s one of the basic proofreading tools that will help you fix all the mistakes in the articles, including typos and common grammar mistakes.

ginger proofreading tool

This is a magical tool for everyone who works with WordPress and publishes content there. It is integrated as a plugin and it has a full list of options to check the content for mistakes and readability. For WordPress users, this is a number one plugin to have installed.

wordpress proofreader

Everyone knows Hemingway for his perfect style and his style became the inspiration for the developers of this tool. If you have noticed that your writing is too bulky and you use too many words to express your ideas, you need to use this app. It will highlight all the sentences where you should delete words and it will also explain to you what words exactly to delete to get the result that you want.

Hemingway app for proofreading

This is an online app that you can use for English and Spanish texts. The only drawback that we’ve noticed is the limited number of characters that you may check at a time. However, if you need to check some messages or short posts, this is a perfect tool for you. Besides, it’s absolutely free to use and you do not need to get registered to use the tool.

spellcheck proof reader
6. AcademicHelp

Proofreading service by is definitely a worth it contender to be placed on this list because they are good at what they do i.e proofreading your documents for best precision and A+ grades.Their service is fast and their grammar checker makes it sure that your mentor wont find any mistakes in your document by making it perfect to read in every sense.

Try one of the most quality and precise proofreading services on AnalyzeAcademicHelp. Their experts will provide you with professional assistance.

First, Google Docs is great because you can keep your writing there and share it with other people. Secondly, it has a proofreading option which means that you may create texts directly in Google Docs without the necessity to check them additionally with other spell checkers.

If you are looking for the app that will provide you with the best quality services, choose After the Deadline. Here, you may check your writing using contextual spelling option, check the style of your writing, and improve your grammar. That’s everything you need for a good text!

after the deadline proof reading

The best way to proofread your article is to ask for the help of professional editors and proofreaders. Real people will always do it better than machines, and they will even offer you some variants on how to improve the texts by introducing the ideas in a slightly different way.

pro writers center proofreading

10. ProofHQ

If you have a team of writers who work together on one and the same text, you need to get some tool that will help to preserve a single style of writing. Don’t understand how it works? You can get ProofHQ 14-days free trial to check all the options and make a decision whether to buy a full access.

This is another spell checking application that you should use if you want to check all aspects of your writing at the same time. You will get a report on grammar mistakes, problems with style, choice of the vocabulary, and even your title. The recommendations will help you to improve the writing and make your text marvelous.

paper rater proof reading

We think that these tools should be known by everyone who works with texts. It does not matter whether you work on long-reads or on posts for social media, you need to check your writing for mistakes. Your readers will appreciate high-quality texts that have no mistakes. Want to make your texts even better? Use all of these apps and compare the results!

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