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vps hosting Vs Dedicated Server Hosting

What Is VPS Hosting
Vps hosting is type of hosting in which you get full control over your servers and no one else host their websites on your servers .

A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS. vps is type of hosting which gives more security and more room for privacy for your websites .
Basically its the dedicated resources allocated to your websites in shared environment .

What Is Dedicated Server Hosting
dedicated hosting servicededicated server, or managed dedicated hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. 
 This is more flexible than shared hosting, as organizations have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating systemhardware, etc

Using a dedicated hosting service offers the benefits of high performance, security, email stability, and control. Due to the relatively high price of dedicated hosting, it is mostly used by websites that receive a large volume of traffic.

Features Analysis and comparison

1. Resources

In dedicated hosting service you don't have to share your resources with any other site .this is good for all the traffic hungry site which require very high bandwidth because in vps your shared resource may get your website down when the traffic increases sharply .

2. Cost
when it comes to cost the cost of Vps is much lower than that of a dedicated server which makes it more viable choice to go for vps before we directly upgrade to dedicated server to avoid unwanted cost .

3. Security
Both the types of hosting comes with best in class security .physical hardware security is top most because your servers are placed in well maintained hosting centers with required temperature control conditions to give your servers good hosting condition .
Also your data is secured with highly encrypted firewalls to prevent data theft and server breach by unknown intruders and hackers .

4. Support

Both the services comes with an high tech support in which you can contact support via call,email etc but some time only some websites charges extra for premium support services.

5. Management
Both the vps hosting and dedicated hosting are available with a choice to go for manged and un-managed hosting from your provider .in vps manged hosting service you get premium control panel and premium support service and in dedicated hosting service all your hosting services including all software and hardware issues are manged by the hosting provider .
so if you don't know much about hosting you can definitely go for manged hosting .

Advantages Of VPS Hosting

1. Cost Effective

IN vps hosting your cost grow only when you increase our resources ,so its flexible as you can decrease your resources to get less cost

2. scalability

vps offers instant scalability of your resources without any downtime i.e you can increase and decrease your plans and resources any time you require without any hiccups of re-setup etc 

3. full customization options

Vps gives you full customization options for your server,you can install any softwares of your choice on your vps hosting and modify it to any extent .you also get to choose your os for your vps hosting

4. easy to handle and migrate

it is easy to understand and operate on vps ,also you can migrate from one vps to another very easily .you can also upgrade your shared hosting plans to vps easily .

Advantages Of Dedicated Server Hosting

1. Powerful

dedicated servers are very powerful and delivers very high performance in most conditions .

2. complete control

with dedicated hosting you get complete control over your hardware and software resources you have rented for your websites.

3. full customization options

in dedicated hosting you get full customization option for installing your type of software's and operating system on your servers 

4. dedicated ip's
with dedicated hosting services you get dedicated ip address for your websites

5. high speed ports

in dedicated hosting you get high vlan ports and ethernet ports for data transfer without any interruption

Disadvantages OF VPS Hosting

1.  In Vps you get more resources in shared environment which are shared by other also some times ,but that's not the so major issue with vps .its only once in while that you may encounter to get a little less resource,but minimums are guaranteed ,and i think you don't require so much resources to run all your blogs and websites smoothly unless they get very very hefty traffic on daily basis.

2. They cannot handle the big sites which requires loads of resources due to very high traffic ,for that you need to opt in for dedicated servers .

Disadvantages Of Dedicated Server Hosting

1. Expensive 

Dedicated hosting is much more expensive than all other types of involves big upfront cost for hosting your websites which demands big resources .

2. InFlexible

Dedicated hosting is not flexible,if you want to upgrade you will have a bit of difficulty .
that's not a problem if you have team for managing all your hosting requirements .

Top 2 Companies For VPS Hosting

1. Inmotion
Inmotion vps services are best in class when compared to other vps providers .Mainly they come in 3 plans for your vps servers from which you can choose according to your requirements .

It also gives you hosting over raid servers and SSD drives under all plans to give out maximum performance  to your website .
In Inmotion vps you can host unlimited domain names on the server location of your choice thats why i recommend it to all the customers to inmotion because of these amazing features .

2. Bluehost
My Second Vps hosting choice after inmotion is Bluehost ,because like their best in class shared hosting services which is trusted by millions of people ,their vps is also amazing ,when your website demands some extra resources to look after the increasing demand of traffic ,you should buy bluehost vps or upgrade to their vps ,if are already a customer of bluehost shared hosting .

You cannot a get a better vps solution for your website than bluehost,just try them with their vps to see the increased website speed and performance and you may not regret your decision .

Top 2 Companies For Dedicated server hosting

1. 100TB

100TB is a proven premium provider of web server hosting, specializing in on-demand scalable-bandwidth servers in multiple locations around the world. All 100TB servers use Intel processors and are connected through our own network running on advanced Cisco equipment, providing unparalleled resilience and reliability. Getting a server inside the 100TB network ensures a faster, more reliable, and more secure server than you've experienced before. Whether you're using its services for an application, a website, or a media service, 100TB's network will keep your web server running efficiently.

2. Dedicated solutions Hosting

Dedicatedsolutions is one of most trusted hosting provider when it comes to dedicated hosting. you can get all your custom hosting needs fulfilled under its hood and its server are fast which are offered at discounted rates to all its customers 

Know More About dedicatedsolutions hosting and buy at discounted rates visit (discount coupon added)

Time To Decide

So its time to decide which hosting to opt in for ,if you don't require very hefty resources that dedicated servers offers then its best to go in for vps which will best suit for your websites looking for an upgrade and later when the need arises for hefty resources then go in for dedicated servers .

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