Monday, February 25, 2019

iphone apps that makes getting fit fun

Some time to get the work done all you need is to stop procrastinating and get rid of resistance and fear that's causing it and what better could be a solution to it to get up, get out and get the work done at your pace to get best results as per the requirement.

whats better than this that i have some apps below that will help you get up and get your work done to get rid of resistance and procrastination in short and long run.once you start using these apps you will become more effective and productive in overall terms and you will love it too.

Here come some of the apps that far away from the traditional get fit health apps but will get you in shape in no time if you start using them regularly as they are fun apps to use and their positive side is healthy and fit body which you will enjoy.

1. Geocaching

geocaching iphone app
geocaching is a nice little app that have lots of treasures hidden in the world by community which you have to find out in the real world by navigating to them via your gps .

once you find your first cache you will love it and will go for more which will ultimately make you travel to various places and make you fit while walking and running in your way . the app has lots of features and functions that tell about terrain,treasures and difficulty level and much more to make it interesting .

once you start using it ,you will love using it ,thus making yourself fit and happy in long run

Free with IAP -Download

2. Forest

its a awesome little help that motivates you to work out and stay away from your phone to enjoy your real life more instead of virtual life .its a nice productivity app that you will love in longer run ,if you use it regularly.
what exactly it does is that you plant a tree in app and run the timer and if you touch tour phone again before the timer expires your tree dies ,so its time for you to go and do something,may be plant a tree ,take a walk or do other work to stay fit .

its main motive is to digitally disconnect you ,the more you plant the trees in this app the more coins you get to expand your forest etc in app which ultimately makes you more vigilant towards earth and your work and treats your digital addiction without any pain thus making you fit in long run.

Download - $1.99

3. Pokemon go

pokemon go iphone
its a awesome little pokemon catching game app which helps you to get up and get out to see different places for caching these creatures and battling them against each other, while meeting different people playing this game .its like geocaching app but quite popular than it . Moreover you can also play Pokemon go for PC easily on your desktop and laptop now days ,if you got tired of playing it outside to just relax but still have fun with pokemon while relaxing.

while playing your favorite game pokemon go you travel a lot which make you fit in long run and you will enjoy it too .the game mechanism integrates small walks and exercises in it smartly in forms of traveling while catching through out the day to catch the pokemon's on different locations which will make you fit in long run .

Free -Download

let us know folks which of these iPhone productivity apps or any other apps you use to stay fit and get up and get going for your work or any other task without facing any inner or outer resistance or procrastination .if you don't use then start using these apps to make your life healthy, fit and full of bliss all around.

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