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periscope for pc windows

periscope for pc windows free download guide

The world has become a small place with the introduction of Smartphone. Everyone is now connected with each other by the use of these Smartphone. Basically, the introduction of the social networking websites led the way to the advancement of communications these days. The social networking sites can easily be accessed with the help of smartphones.

The Smartphone are equipped to run several apps with their interface. The apps are basically the applications of the particular social networking websites. The apps make it a compact way to enhance the use of the social networking websites. These are also user-friendly and make it a greater option for the users to use. The social networking websites have the ability to share various users moments.

This may include written quotes or messages, Pictures, Videos and other sharable formats. The sharing makes it a way for the peoples to express themselves. The various social networking sites have several ways of sharing. The Periscope is also one of them.

The Periscope is a twitter based social app with lets you to upload or share videos to the world. The Periscope can also broadcast live feeds. The Periscope basically lets the users have a social networking experience with the help of videos.

Introduction about periscope for windows:

The social networking has become a trend these days. All the activities of a specific person are broadcasted on social networking at the end of the day. The social networking first started to be accessed only by the PC. But now the maximum of them are limited to Smartphone. The social networking first offered to share pictures with one another but are now capable of uploading and broadcasting Videos on the web. There is no limitation in this field. The videos can now be streamed live with the help of these apps. As sharing of videos has become a trend came the social networking app called the Periscope.

The Periscope is basically a twitter based social networking app. This app focuses on sharing videos to the world. The app can share your recorded videos. The app can also share live videos from your device. The Periscope uses your camera and can broadcast live videos from your device to the world. It basically shows the videos to all your followers and all the accounts you follow. You can easily set the list of people who can see your live streams. The viewers can also send love by clicking on your videos.

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The Periscope also lets you view all the live feeds shared by people all over the world. The videos can easily be seen by anyone. Depending on the sharing options by the share. You can also share these live streams to other social networking websites. The Periscope is a useful app as it can broadcast live videos and makes if very helpful for everyone. The pericope is easy to download for Android via playstore and ios and free. In this segment, I will show you how to install and download Periscope for PC and installation process.

How to Download periscope for pc :

As for windows users, the Periscope is not yet available for windows users. The windows user cannot use Periscope for PC directly via website or app. The Periscope is only available for android and ios. Don't worry I will show how to download and install Periscope for PC.

For the installation, we have to download several files first. These downloaded files will let us install the files on the PC. As the Periscope is a free software and can be downloaded easily from the play store. The Periscope can only be used in PC by creating a virtual android environment on the PC. This will led to the installation and the use of the Periscope in PC.

We have to download two files on the PC. The files that we have to download are the Bluestacks and the Periscope for PC.

Bluestacks is basically the Android environment for PC. With that, we can easily download all required android apps on PC. The blue stacks can easily be downloaded from this link:

After the download is complete you have to install the blue stacks for PC. The Bluestacks is now ready for use. After the installation process is complete you now have to now sign in with your email id. After the signing process is complete you now have to open the play store present on your app drawer. Then you have to search for the Periscope and on finding it you have to click install.

periscope for pc on bluestack

The download will start and will take several minutes depending on your connectivity. The two required files are now downloaded and are ready for use.

How to install periscope for windows pc:

After all the downloads are complete you now have to install all the files. The blue stacks has to be installed first. After the file is downloaded you will have the Bluestacks raw file in the download folder. You now need to double-click on the raw file and allow the permission to install it.

Then the Bluestacks will automatically start to install and clicking on the options will let you customize the installation. The Bluestacks app player will be installed and you can find the shortcut on the desktop. Now you need to set up the Bluestacks app player for downloading and installing further apps.

periscope for pc windows
Now open the Bluestacks app player and first of all you will see a login page. You need to log in with your google account and providing the email id and password will let you sign in. If you do not have a google account you can create one in Bluestacks following some simple steps. Now your Bluestacks is ready and you now need to download the Periscope.

You will now have to find the playstore and launch it. In the playstore, you will see the search option and you have to search for the Periscope. Now you will have a list of apps and you have to download the official one. You can recognize the original by viewing the publisher which is Twitter Inc.

Then on finding the right app you have to click on install and allow all the required permissions. After that, the download and install will begin and within a short time the app will be downloaded and installed. Now you have downloaded both the files and installed them also.

How to use Periscope for PC:

As both the files are now installed you can now easily access Periscope on you PC. First, you have to launch the Bluestacks app player. On the app drawer, you will find the Periscope app player. Then you will have to launch the Periscope.

The Periscope will launch automatically. Now you have to set it up accordingly so that you can easily use it. The first screen will require you to sign up or login.

You now have to create a new account. You can easily login with your Twitter account or you can easily create one. For creating a new account you have to simply provide your Full name and your email id. With that, you need to create one username of your choice.

Then a new page will appear to validate your account via mobile no. Providing your mobile number will send a verification code to your mobile and on ensuring that your account will be verified.

periscope for pc interface

Now you are ready with a Periscope account and can easily use it on you PC.

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The Periscope is a very entertaining app as it can broadcast your live events and also can see all live streams from you PC. So following the steps you can easily use Periscope on your PC.

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