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photo grid for pc windows : best collage maker

photo grid for pc windows : best collage maker

With the advancement of technology and accessibility, people have evolved them with modern technology. The introduction of smartphones has made a severe change in the daily life of humans. The smartphones are widespread and easily accessible to everyone in the world.

The smartphones have evolved the way of networking. The Smartphone have various features that are necessary for everyday life. The smartphones are used by everyone on a daily basis. The Smartphone are also equipped with a very good camera. These cameras offer an elegant way of capturing pictures.

The captured picture is of very good quality and very much portable. The cameras are also capable of capturing high-resolution videos. The Smartphone cameras are also capable of capturing moments in any condition. These pictures are captured in basically a motive of sharing to the social networking sites. This has become a trend. The users after clicking pictures instantly upload them to social media.

The pictures are often edited and added with several filters. This enhances the picture quality and increases the popularity. Users more often combine these photos and make a collage out of them. They combine several photos of a particular event and upload them on the web.

photo grid for pc windows : best collage maker

This process becomes a difficult job to be done by photoshop. So to solve this problem of editing and making a collage here I will show you an easy and effective method. The whole process will be done by an app called- The PHOTOGRID.

Introduction of photo grid PC collage maker :

After clicking a group of photos we try to upload them separately. Or we want to set two or more pictures as our profile picture. This becomes a bit difficult as the maximum of the social networking sites lets you to only set a single picture. With that, we always want to add a more glow and make our pictures more distinct. This all edits are offered by the PHOTOGRID.

The PHOTOGRID is basically a photo editing app. PHOTOGRID lets you edit your photos with different styles and customization. The PHOTOGRID is a free app. the PHOTOGRID lets you upload your photos to social networking sites.

With PHOTOGRID you can take several pictures from your gallery and make a beautiful combination of them. The combinations are made easily with the available combinations. The PHOTOGRID also has several options other than collages.

The PHOTOGRID also helps you to change the size and shape of your picture. The PHOTOGRID is a very useful app for editing your images without using Photoshop and other photo editing apps. The PHOTOGRIDs offers several filters with these filters you can easily change the style of your pictures.

There are several more options such as the scrapbook, grid, poster, and twinkle. Using these options will enhance the pictures make it more attractive. You can directly upload them to Instagram with the help of the PHOTOGRID. The best part of it is that it creates beautiful collages which are the point of attraction and the software is free.

Here I will show you how to download, install and use the PHOTOGRID on your PC.

How to download photo grid for pc-

The PHOTOGRID is a free software and available for android and ios users. But it is not currently available for windows users. Don't get dishearten! I will show you how to download and use the PHOTOGRID on your PC. To run the PHOTOGRID on your PC you have to just download two files on your PC.

As the PHOTOGRID is basically available for android, we can run it on our PC by creating a virtual android environment on our PC. The virtual android environment can be created with several application out there. But we will be using the most reliable on.

This application is named as Bluestacks app player. It is capable of creating a virtual android environment of your PC. This is a free software and can be easily downloaded. The link for the download is http://www.Bluestacks.com/download.html?utm_campaign=homepage-dl-button.

By clicking on the link you can download the bluestack app player. The Bluestacks app player will be downloaded on your PC. Now to download the other file you have to first install the Bluestacks app player. The Bluestacks app player will be downloaded in the form of a raw .exe file.

photo grid for pc bluestack

You have to install this and allow all the required permission. The installation will take several minutes and as the installation completes you will have a virtual android environment on your PC. You now have to open the Google play store. After launching the google play store you can easily search for the PHOTOGRID on the search menu. Then you will see all the results of the PHOTOGRID and related items.

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You have to choose the official one as there are several apps of the same or different name. On clicking the app it will take you to the installation page. There you will see an install button. Clicking on the install button will start the download. The download will take time according to your internet connectivity. Now you have both the files downloaded and I will show you how to install the files on your PC.

How to install photogrid for pc-

As you have downloaded both the files on your PC. You now have to install them so as to run them n your PC. First, you have to install the Bluestacks app player on your PC.

To install the Bluestacks app player on your PC you will have to double click on the raw file and start the installation process. The installation process will ask you to allow several permissions. Allowing all will install the Bluestacks app player. Then on launching, you have to first sign in with a google account.

photo grid for pc download

If You have a google account you have to enter the email id and password. If you don't have a Google account you can simply create one providing details. This will activate the android and you will be able to access all the android features on PC. There you will notice the Google play store.

You have you click on the playstore and search for the PHOTOGRID. Then you have to select the official one and click on install this will begin the installation process and will take time depending on your network.

Now both the files are installed and you are ready to use the PHOTOGRID on your PC.

How to use photo grid collage maker for windows pc -

As you have downloaded and installed all the files on your PC you are now ready to use the PHOTOGRID on your PC. The PHOTOGRID is a photo editing app. This offers you with several features. On opening, you will notice the sign in page. You can sign in with your google or facebook account or either can create one. To create one you have to enter your basic details and with that, you need to enter your email id. After completion, you will come to the homepage of the app.

photo grid for pc interface

The home page will contain pictures from many users. You can also share your edited pictures. You will notice on the bottom there is a + button clicking which will let you add pictures to edit. On selecting this you will see several options that can be used to edit your pictures.

The options include

1. Grid- will let you create a collage with several pictures

2.Edit- Will let you to edit the picture(Crop,ratio, tilt,filter,adjust,text.backgroung,blur,retouch,mosaic,layout,draw,image)

3.Twinkle-Is like a filter and will make your picture twinkle and move.

4.Slideshow- Make a slideshow out of several pictures.

5.Scrapbook- will let you have an interface like a scrapbook with 2-3 pictures.

6.Poster- will fix one of your photo in a poster of magazine or book.

7.Instant share- will let you to instantly share your picture.

8.Film strip- Will add two or more pictures and create an interface of an old film strip.

These are all the editing option that you will get. On the left side, you will see a star icon, clicking which will show you several pictures shared by users worldwide. This will have two parts one will show featured pictures and other is the leader board which shows that pictures that are the top pictures of the week.

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So following the steps will let you use the PHOTOGRID on your PC. Now you can easily install PHOTOGRID on PC and use it.

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