Thursday, January 30, 2020

pokemon go issues and solutions

pokemon go is augmented reality games that has been quite popular across the world. it runs on android and ios devices .while playing this game it happens sometimes that you may encounter some unexpected errors which may hamper the excitement for catching your favorite Pokemon for a while but dont worry guys we have come up with solutions to problems and errors which you may encounter while playing pokemon go on your devices

so come on lets discuss the solutions for the issues you may encounter in the pokemon go game while playing it right below for you to play your favorite pokemon go without any issue's

pokemon go issues and solutions

1. PokeCoins in the pokemon go Not showing up

  • you may encounter this issue if you are playing pokemon go on your device for a while ,but you dont need to worry bout your pokecoins as what you can do is that you need to sign out of your game right away if your pokecoins are not showing and then login again and it will show all your coins

  • if the above solution do not work then you need to restart your device and all your purchased items and pokecoins will show up again on your game screen

2. “This item is not available in your country” error

as we all know that Pokemon go is not available in all countries right now ,so you may encounter this error while downloading it ,so to avoid this error you can download directly from here

download apk of pokemon go for android

3. many GPS issues

this issue arises because this game requires gps signal to start and play ,so if the gps is not enabled on your device then you will get gps errors ,so to resolve this issue follow these steps given below
  • Go to your smart phone Setting area .

  • go to privacy and safety tab and open it.

  • Now make sure that location toggle button is enabled,if not enable it their and then.

  • now your gps  for location is enabled, and you can play Pokemon Go without getting GPS signal not found error on your device.
if you phone doesn't have gps ,then you can use wifi signals or data to get the location and play the game .

4. Trainer progress resets to Level 

this problem only occurs if you tend to use 2 or more different accounts of pokemon go on single device ,so it advised to logout off all the other accounts and restart the device and then login to your original account

5. “You already own this item” error

you may encounter this error while your internet on device is off or have limited connectivity ,so you can restart your device and network and this error will be vanished

we will update this list with more issues and solution to them as we get them ,if you get any kind of errors then let us know in comment section below and we will give you the solution to that pokemon go errors in this post

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