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telegram for pc windows and mac free


Before going to how to download it to your PC/ windows, let us know more on Telegram and its features.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed. Telegram is an instant messaging app for almost all Operating Systems of the mobile platforms. It is a native app for every platform. Telegram also launched desktop version for non-mobile users. They keep updating the app for adding new features and easier for its users to use.

Things you can do with telegram (Features)

  • It connects from most remote locations

  • Coordinated groups up to 5000 members

  • Synchronize your chats across all your devices

  • You can send documents of any type

  • Your messages and attachments are encrypted

  • Your messages are automatically destructed after a specified time period

  • You can store your files on cloud

  • One can build their own tools on telegrams API

Why switching to Telegram?

Telegram delivers messages faster than any other platform. Its servers are spread worldwide for speed and security. This app features open Protocol and API for everyone free. It doesn’t ask for hidden charges. No need to subscribe to enjoy its features fully. It is free for every user. There is no limit of storage. You can have endless storage on its cloud.

To get faster updates and be the first to get new features you can download Telegram’s Desktop’s Alpha version despite of stable version. The stable version is tested better than alpha version though it is updated less frequently.

Telegram is the fastest growing network these days. This app was launched in 2013 August. Though it has launched later Whats App it has reached widely across the globe with more than 50 million active users daily. It produces more than 1 billion messages a day.

Download Telegram for PC on Windows Devices

You have great news here. You no need to add any external sources to add Telegram to your windows devices. Telegram recently released its new release for windows users. It supports on OS higher from windows 7, 8, 10.

Download Telegram for windows platform HERE.
  • It automatically downloads the executable file to your device if it supports with your device.

  • Locate the executable file.

  • It is suggested to install the app or any app in your device with ‘run as administrator’ option available because it grants the user with much permission which can’t be accessible for normal users.

  • Now click on Telegram app to start using it.

  • It will display as shown below.
  • Click on the Start Messaging button on the window of the app.

  • It will redirect you to next page for registering the mobile number.
  • Enter the mobile number you wish to continue with it.

  • You will now redirect to the page asking for your registration. If you are already a registered user, you can go with it. Else register yourself to get use their services for free.

  • If you are registering now, you have to enter Telegram code to get registered.

  • Enter the code and it will ask for your basic details like your first name and last name.

  • Click on sign up. That’s it. You are done with installing Telegram and registering it to use on your PC on windows 7 and later versions.

  • You can see a welcome screen this way.
  • Add your friends and family to your contacts and stat chatting with Telegram instant messaging app.

Download Telegram for your PC on Apple’s Macintosh (MAC)

Not only on windows platform you can use Telegram, but also use it on Apple platform without any trouble of finding its appropriate version on app store.

Download Telegram for MAC users HERE
  • Install it on your PC as any other installer.

  • If you are not registered earlier, you can register now.

  • If you are already registered then you can continue using it on your Mac PC.

  • Happy Telegramming!

Download Telegram on PC/ Windows using Blue stacks

If you have no any android device and still you wish to get Telegram usage on your PC then this method is for you. You can get it on your PC using Blue Stacks app player. Blue stack can be said as a boon for windows user who can’t get access to android devices.

If you have already installed Blue stacks on your device, you can open it and install telegram on your device.

Else get Blue stacks app player from .

If you already have blue stacks, open it and try to install telegram.
  • Open blue stacks app player.

  • On the welcome screen search for Telegram app and click on ‘search play for telegram’.

  • You can see many apps similar to Telegram app. Click on the Telegram app. You can identify it by checking for its icon.

  • Click on the app.

  • It will show the details regarding the app, about its version, features, user’s reviews and all.

  • Click on ‘INSTALL’ option available to install it on your Blue stacks app player.

  • It will install Telegram on your Blue Stacks.

  • Locate the app on your player and Open it to register and continue using it.
Add and invite friends. You can browse contacts that are linked to the registered email id. Thus you can get rid of adding all your contacts manually.

Telegram can be used on mobile phones as well as on PC using all its features for free without any hidden charges. You can upgrade to premium versions without any charges. This gives access to its update features earlier. You can always try it’s all updated features on the first go.

To know more about its details of installed version you can check on the about page available on the top of the window. It displays the current version, source and license options. They are ready to assist their users 24 X 7 with their help center feature.

You can change settings according to your wish in the settings page. If you are sure with the app settings you can go to advanced settings and can change the way it looks and behaves the way you wish. It supports emojis too, a feature for emoji lovers.

telegram delete account

Hey folks if you are interested in deleting your telegram account then you can do this by visiting deactivation page here .by deleting your telegram account you need to know that all your messages ,groups and contacts will be lost and removed permanently and cannot be undone or brought back .

so make sure you think twice before you delete telegram account .

This is a web version for PC users. So you must make sure to install it on your mobile device before installing it on your PC.


Now telegram can be used for high quality and secure web based voice and video call in Europe region with easy to use ,user-friendly interface in the app .Calls will be super fast to connect because of the Advanced Ai algo designed by telegram for calls which learns for your device performace while the call is taking place about various parameters like network speed ,ping time ,connect time to optimize the best quality call for you every time you connect with some one .In coming months voice and web calls on telegram would come to whole world .

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