Saturday, February 29, 2020

best iphone weather widgets for accurate weather pridictions

we all want to keep ourselves updated with the latest weather conditions to plan our day accordingly, imagine doing it so fast and without launching your traditional apps, yes it can be done with the best iPhone weather widgets on your home screen.

so here we have come up with some of the best iPhone apps which support weather widgets options to get all kinds of weather information without any problem easily and fast right from your home screen widget area.

Weather Nerd

weather-nerd-forecasts-radar iphone app
weather nerd is a power packed app which comes with 3 widgets option to view the  weather of day,hour and week as per our requirement.

the widgets a fast and reliable as the data in this app is fetched from which seems to me as a legit source of weather forecasting data .

there is no lags in using the apps and widget and also it comes with a comparison feature to compare previous days with today to get an insight and plan your day accordingly

it comes with a one-year renewal subscription and some features such as

- Detailed daily reports (up to a year out)
- Minute-to-minute precipitation (see coverage below)
- Weather radar and satellite
- 3 widgets (next hour, day, week)

Price : $3.99 -download

Weather Underground

weather-underground-forecasts iphone app
It is a very comprehensive and updated app with lots of features and additional information like pollen and ozone information which seems to be useful in allergy season.

More over it comes with 2 widgets options which includes radar and forecast to get information about he daily forecast and radar for storms and tornadoes warning etc across the country .

The widget is fast and we can access the information in notification center without launching the app .

With the forecast widget you get information about the information pulling station along with current conditions ,graphs and high -lows for the full day weather patterns

Price :free-download

CARROT Weather

carrot-weather-talking-forecast iphone app

carrot widgets are nice to use weather widgets which comes with a little punch line and hourly weather update to keep you updated with latest weather and keep your mood light .

if you like something simple ,yet effective and fast then you would like to see carrot widget daily for latest weather updates without any lags etc

some of the best features of carrot weather widgets includes 
• Beautifully minimalist weather app
• Forecast.o’s super accurate weather data
• Short-term, 24-hour, and 7-day forecasts
• Notifications sent from CARROT Weather for Mac
• Radar and satellite maps
• Time machine with weather data up to 70 years in the past
• Apple Watch app with complications
• Support for celsius and metric measurements
• Today view widget with 5 display options

Price : $3.99 -download

Dark Sky

dark-sky-hyperlocal-weather iphone widget

Its a very simple and light weight widget to use and loads fast to give you weather forecast in your notification center at the top from the most trusted sources of forecast to keep you updated with hourly conditions of weather across your area of choice any where in world which would help you to plan your day accordingly.

Some of it nice features includes 

  • apple watch compatibility

  • weather animations

  • push notifications

  • todays widgets
so go ahead and download and enjoy the latest weather forecast right away

Price : $3.99 -download
let us know which weather widget you use to get the latest weather updates fast on your iphone home screen rather than launching your app in the comment section below .

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