Monday, June 18, 2012

top 10 youtube earners

here is the latest and crisp list of the people who earned in lakhs from the youtube from the advertising revenue. the top 10 rating was given by the tube mogul. these people with their crazy video producing skills took away hefty amount to their homes which helped them to live the life they wanted. if you to want to be one of them then think of creating something crazy and wacky that could get you millions of click to add to your revenue.

so take a look below at the names and their earnings to get inspired and earn more in future :)

1. Shane Dawson ($315,000/£200,000) 431,787,450 views
Clean-living, wholesome 22-year-old Californian comic actor producing home-made sketches.
2. The Annoying Orange ($288,000/£185,504) 349,753,047 views
Animated fruit created by Dane Boedigheimer that could soon appear on television.
3. Philip DeFranco ($181,000/£117,000) 248,735,032 views
Video blogger (vlogger) who began uploading clips while at university.
4. Ryan Higa ($151,000/£97,200) 206,979,909 views
Also known as Nigahiga, the Hawaiian-born Japanese-American evolved from lip-synching to original comedy and has had more than 150 million hits. Videos How to be Gangster and How to be Ninja went viral for him and his Yabo Crew.
5. Fred Figglehorn ($146,000/£94,000) 200,656,150 views
Lucas Cruikshank, 16, whose videos aimed at children are soon to appear on Nickelodeon.
6. Shay Carl ($140,000/£90,000) 192,309,247 views
An Idaho radio DJ and comic
7. Mediocre Films ($116,000/£74,600) 159,030,703 views
Comedy clips created by Greg Benson.
8. Smosh ($113,000/£72,700) 154,936,876 views
Comedy duo Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox
9. The Young Turks ($112,000/£72,000) 153,807,362 views
Current affairs discussions and satire
10. Natalie Tran ($101,000/£65,000) 138,871,829 views
24-year-old Vietnamese-Australian comic with popular vlogs. is the No 1 Down Under.

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