Sunday, June 17, 2012

apple ios 6 features

here comes the latest apple i os 6 with over 90 new upgraded features for you to enjoy . this is what makes apple stand ahead of its competitors . take a look at the stunning new features which you would be able to go hands on in the latest iphone 5 which is coming this fall.

92 new features in Apple's iOS 6 

go ahead to take a glimse of the apple ios 6 features :)

iOS 6 User Features
Features listed in the biggest font size
Game Center challenges
Improved privacy controls
Lost Mode
Made for iPhone hearing aids
Per account signatures in Mail
Redesigned Stores
Listed in medium font size
Alarm with song
App in Safari search results
Custom vibrations for alerta
Faster Safari JavaScript
Features for China
French, German and Spanish dictionaries
Game Center friends from Facebook
Global network proxy for HTTP
HDR improvements
Kernel ASLP
New iPad Clock app
Personal dictionary in iCloud Search all fields in Contacts
VoiceOver improvements
Listed in small font
Autocorrection for every keyboard
Bluetooth MAP support
Improved keyboard
IPv6 support for Wi-Fi and LTE
Location based reminders for iPad
Manual location entry for reminders
Manual reorder of reminders
Manual reorder of reminders
Word highlights for speak selection
iOS 6 Developers APIs
Listed in the biggest font size
Action Sheet
In-app content purchases
Map Kit
Pass Kit
Transit Apps
Listed in medium font size
Audio and video sampling during playback
Auto layout

CSS filters
Face detection API
Frame drop data
Game groups
In-app purchase hosted content
Multi-route audio
State preservation
Video stabilization

Collection views
Control camera focus and exposure

Listed in small font

Bluetooth MAP support

Pull to refresh on Table views
Read and write image metadata
Remote Web inspector
Rich text on labels, fields and text views
VoiceOver gestures
Web Audio API

Crossfade with CSS animation
Game Center in-app experience
In-app Bluetooth pairing
Inter-app audio

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